Friday, December 02, 2011

Crotch Face Revisits Blogging Etiquette

I figured it was time to reaquant myself bone up again on the current do's and don'ts of blogging just to see if anything had changed.  I googled "Blogging Etiquette" and surprise, surprise, it is still a go to subject when one has nothing else to write about.  Not that I have nothing else to write about.  Other folks have nothing to write about.  Me, well, I can pretty much write about anything, even crap I know nothing about.  Like Blogging Etiquette fer instance.

Of the 4.6 million hits that pertained to or mentioned Blogging Etiquette, I visited I guess maybe 5.  More than enough to realize that change has happened but nothing really new other than the good form one should practice when Facebook Liking, Tweeting, RSS-ing, and using permalinks.  Nothing to do with me I thought.  I don't tweet,  I don't like Facebook, and what the Hell is RSS and permalinks anyway?  If I don't know about them, they must not be a problem.

I only began this investigation after once more fielding some wonderful comments on my timeless post "Wingers with Woodies", the post that keeps on giving.  Apparently some of my recent visitors to that post have not read or maybe comprehended some of the basic rules of civilized interactions  we bloggers of experience have come to take for granted. 

If the basic rules I just re-read are to be followed, it is bad form to call the writer of the post a "Crotch Face" or "Mac-scum", or one of my favorites, "Idiot".   As I don't mind being called anything, I understand that many people out there get all flustered when being assaulted with abusive language.  So when I visit someone's blog, I do try to fit in with the ongoing atmosphere.  If it is a no holds barred blog, I hold no bars.  If it is a polite, don't want to piss anyone off blog, I keep my ever ready nasty comments to myself.  With this in mind, I have to say that no one who made derogatory comments on the Winger post was out of line.  I started it and deserved every comment I received.  I can swim with scum or dance with the civilized folk.  And based on my profile picture, I can understand someone confusing my face for a crotch.  And as to being an Idiot, well, I proudly go where smarter men fear to tread.

With all this information and data sifted, collated, and parked in the right spots, I continued my investigation into what polite bloggers do.  I especially liked the one hint - "Do not be afraid to delete a derogatory comment.  It is your blog and a derogatory comment can often undermine the conversation from more on topic comments."

"Hmm", I thought and looked at the ceiling.  I noticed one of the ceiling tiles was cracked and uh, oh where was I?  Oh Yeah, "Hmm", I thought.  "It is indeed my blog.  I can do anything I want."  I choose to leave the nasty comments because they point up just how insane people get when one of their heroes is slighted.  If I am going to post obnoxious posts, I should be stand up and publish obnoxious comments also.  To only let the choir sing would be dishonest.  If I pissed someone off then I should let everyone know it.  It's the least I can do.

Keep it 'tween the ditches.......................................


Commander Zaius said...

Being a liberal I do not mind conservatives commenting on my blog but it bugs the living sh&t out me for them to talk down to me.

Over at Will Hart's blog he was a regular visitor named "Dmark." He is staunch conservative with the habit of making unsupported statements with him thinking I, and others, will believe him just because he declares them true. I don't believe half the stuff liberals say unless I can look it up myself.

Long story short, he showed up at my place a few times making both condescending statements and other that were blatantly false. In a fit of fine Southern rage I cussed that sucker out.

Nasty names I can take, but I will flip utterly out if I detect any harebrained condescension.

Sorry, this comment ran long. On my fourth cup of coffee after working all night.

Ol'Buzzard said...

I have proudly earned the name crotch face
the Ol'Buzzard69

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

That's an award winning beard, Mike.

Tom Harper said...

I think the worst breach of blogger etiquette happened in April 2006. One of my "favorite" rightwing bloggers got a liberal comment at his site (it wasn't me). Mr. Right tracked the commenter's IP and discovered it was a workplace. So he e-mailed the company to tell them that one of their employees was surfing the web on company time. He wrote a post bragging about it.

I thought that was the lowest stunt I'd seen any blogger sink to. I did a drunken enraged post about it, calling that a$$hole every name I could think of.

Mr. Charleston said...

You crotch-faced idiot! Don't you know better than to talk about etiquette to a bunch of ner-do-wells like what inhabit the blogosphere?

PipeTobacco said...


I would not worry too much about being called "crotch face" as it is something all of us with beards are occasionally referred to as by less than eloquent folks.

I for one, I guess, understand the association, but hell, the beard grows where it grows, and who is to suggest that what nature puts on our face should not be there! I for one wear the moniker with pride and distinction!

If I am a "crotch face", I am proud of it and can relish the fact that my "crotch face" can service successfully my wife and that the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin facilitate that endeavor!!!!

If my post is a bit too graphic, I apologize in advance because it is first Friday here at the U and I am feeling my "oats" so to speak with a pleasant supplly of "likker" I have been able to indulge in due to the first Friday celebration.


BBC said...

There are no do's and dont's of blogging, it's the wild frontier all over again.

I consistently call people idiots, fucking idiots, cocksuckers, tittie kissers, fucking christians, fucking muslims, greedy fucks and just plain fucking stupid. :-)

BBC said...

I am proud of it and can relish the fact that my "crotch face" can service successfully my wife and that the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin facilitate that endeavor!!!!

That is certainly a picture I've never imagined before. But it gave me another idea of what to do with that makeup brush. :-)

susan said...

The only time I ever deleted comments was when my blog got inundated with Chinese character porn links. Other than that even though I suspect I may be hosting one of those nice, don't piss anybody off places I still enjoy reading a good leftwing rant.

yellowdoggranny said...

I just tell them to go fuck themselves.

MRMacrum said...

Beach Bum - I've gotten to the point I don't believe what anyone says, including myself.

Ol'Buzzard - If it wasn't meant to be grown, why is it there?

El Cerdo Ignatius - Only if I comb out the crumbs.

Tom Harper - I have to say, that is about the lowest form of bad acting I have heard about. And to brag about it? Wow.

Mr. Charleston - Who else would talk to me then?

Pipe Tobacco - You dirty ole man you. But SSsh - we don't want the clean shaven dandies to learn our secrets.

BBC - You are if nothing else consistent and share with all your in their face comments. I do like that about you. No bullshit.

susan - Chinese porn sites? Did you save the links?

YELLOWDOG GRANNY - For the life of me I don't understand why you and BBC don't get along. ;)

Randal Graves said...

Want me to see if we carry a copy of Robert's Rules of Dueling?

PENolan said...

I always turn to you, McScrum, for advice on blogging etiquette