Thursday, December 22, 2011

Two BoZones Are Better Than One

I recently decided to make use of one of the blogs I created quite awhile ago.  It is Lost in the BoZone, The Other Dimension.  I created it solely to own the Name "Lost in the BoZone" on Blogger.  This "Lost in the BoZone" is actually HTTP-ed "The File Cabinet".  I changed the name almost immediately after coming up with "The File Cabinet"  I then posted to it for 4 years before I decided to claim the name I was using by registering it with Blogger.  Rather than swap everything over because I'm a lazy bastard at heart, I just let the new BoZone sit and gather dust while I continued to poison the Internets from The original BoZone.  It's all damn confusing and it really does not matter.  The point is I now plan to utilize "BoZone , the other dimension" to hold my fiction.  Specifically the longer fiction.  I will continue to use this blog for most of my posting.

I am doing this because I am an untidy person.  A pig pen of the first water.  This blog is unruly, unorganized, and frankly trying to make sense of the archived posts pushes me inches closer to insanity every time I dwell on the past crammed in erratically without rhyme or reason.  I relish my unruly disorganized life, but would like to  find a tidy home for at least some of what I write.  That's where the other dimension comes in.  I don't want to live there.  I like living here.  Call it just a storage locker I rented for free that's down the road.

There will be no bells and whistles.  No spiffy gadgets, gee gaws back linking, forward linking never linking or even currently linking.  Just words and maybe an image to go with them. Of course knowing my tendency to erraticism  (is that even a word?), I promise nothing past the end of this post.  Who knows when the urge to add a gadget might cross my mind.

When I post something there I will link to it from here at the bottom of whatever post I wrote that day.  Visit if you want.  Comment if you want.  Or just pass on by and get on with your day..


To kick things off -  Flash Fiction Friday Cycle  #60 challenge is up at BoZone ll - "Compatible"


Tom Harper said...

I checked out your other-dimensional blog. I couldn't think of a comment but I liked it.

BBC said...

I have six blogs, the first is as much as retired but still gets visited all the time.

I post on the others hit and miss and mostly post on my Spirits Doings blog that now has over 960 posts on it. Where are we going? I don't know but we're on our way.

Commander Zaius said...

This "Lost in the BoZone" is actually HTTP-ed "The File Cabinet".

Sort of getting tired of my blog's name, thinking of changing it.

And not that it matters but I have heard anecdotal reports that Jimmy will not hesitate to sue the living shit out of anyone he catches muscling in on his Parrothead territory.

Will head over to your fiction blog and add it to my blogroll.

BBC said...

Okay, but does anyone want to fuck?

yellowdoggranny said...

my blog is becoming something so different than what I started out..and I'm trying to figure out what to do about it..I want to go back to actual posting about stuff instead of all the I may leave ydg as is with the 3 days of pictures and maybe do a blog about me and west and other stuff?...don't know..I'm getting lazy about it.

The Blog Fodder said...

I prefer chaos to theme blogs. I'll stick with you unless you get too organized.