Sunday, July 20, 2014

Proud Dad Bullshit

Not sure why it took me so long to brag and puff out my chest here in the blogosphere.

No. I am puzzled why I did not rush here to post obnoxious Proud Dad bullshit..........  No really.  The BoZone was the perfect vehicle to ramble on and on about how my kid is now Dr Lis.  ........  Hmm.

Maybe it was the anticlimactic nature of it all.  Maybe I was just immune to more graduations, thesis panic, and the whining about how much of a bitch it is getting a PHD.......................

..........................  Truth be told, I have had nothing in the tank when I have the time to sit here and post.  Christ, it feels like when I was twenty something and burning my candles at every end they had.  The shop, the House, the riding, and of course my darling wife.  They all seem to suck more of my time than they used to.  Or is it that at 62,  I have to dedicate more time to get things done than I used to...................  don't know, don't care.  Life moves at whatever pace suits it.  Just know I'm tired and ready to pass out shortly after sundown most nights.

My little girl knew what she wanted to do when she was a sophomore in High School.  Holly, the AT (Athletic Trainer) at Berwick Academy, was Lis' inspiration.  A card carrying over achiever, Lis put her head down and got to work.  14 years later and she just signed up with Xavier University in the Queen City to pass on all that she has learned to the next generation of wannabe AT's.

I would love to take credit.  It would be nice to claim I was responsible for her success.  Can't do it.  It's all on her.  I just watched and offered the occasional shoulder to cry on.

Gotta respect a person who sets goals and no matter how long it takes, they reach them.  If they happen to be a daughter, son, or just the kid you helped get through some tough patch..................... well, step up Dad, Mom, Auntie Bee, Grandma Moses and even you Pa Kettle, be proud, be satisified that even if you didn't do much, you didn't get in the way .

Keep it 'tween the ditches.................................

Friday, July 18, 2014

Chill Dude, We be Vegging

The local saying used to be "Shake a tree in Acton and 10 nail bangers would fall out".  That may still be true if one shakes the right tree, but I think the wood butchers need to make room for the Pot Farmers.    Pick a tree to shake now days and you are likely to hear 10 Pot farmers whine about their vibe being rudely disrupted, comments on disappearing Chi, or just that all that branch disruption is upsetting their day.  Some will even insist their whole Life's Cart is about to turn over.  Or...... a Doob will fall out of the tree tied to a note that says, "Chill Dude, We be Vegging".