Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Turn to Cook

My lovely significant other darlin light of my life called me at the bike shop late yesterday afternoon.  For some reason she called my cell phone.  For some unknown reason I actually had the damn thing in my possession.  Stars aligned and all the pieces and extraneous bullshit floating around the Universe settled into their proper nooks and crannies.  Once or maybe twice a lifetime this happens.

I was informed it was my turn to cook.   Damn.  Keith and I were going to enjoy some cooling refreshments before I headed home.  Oh well.  When it's my turn, its my turn.

I treat my turn to cook with the seriousness and focus it deserves.  After all, we need to eat to make it from one day to the next.  Because I only have a vague recollection of where the cooking utensils hide when not in use, I subcontract my cooking duties to folks more capable and ready with the culinary magic.  Why do it myself with all these experts around?

That's the problem.  Too many experts.  Who do I choose?  Fast food, Chinese, seafood, or that always works go to gastronomical delight, Pizza?

Well that was easy.  Willy's Ale Room was right on the way home.  They did a good job with pizza.  And if I had a two beer wait instead of the usual one beer wait, I was only 1.1 miles from my dooryard.  Hard to get in trouble in 1.1 miles.

The image has nothing to do with this post.  I ran into this fella/gal while finishing up the main panel corner.   Just thought I'd share.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Flash Society

Ten Minutes.  That is all I am allowing myself this AM.

Doesn't seem like enough time to even get started, let alone form a complete thought or voice a coherent opinion.  But then we live in the new "Flash Society".  Our culture has sped up.  Everyone wants their emotional, humorous, and informative fix in six seconds or less.  Keeping the attention of our new ADHD society for longer than a few moments, you better have some awesome special special effects to keep them in their seats.

Flash fiction.  Six second videos. And no longer do we have the time or the inclination to even open a book.  Turning those pages takes up precious seconds better used texting all our BFF's to make sure no one misses the opening of that brand new transformer v. beast from the sea showdown on the 3D Imax screen down to Cinema 24.

You fools go ahead and be in a hurry.  I'll sit back and watch the paint dry for you.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Well, I Am Not French

I vaguely remember not so long ago in my recent past, I promised myself and thus it could be assumed I also promised anyone out there who cares I was going to try to write every day.  Now, I never intended to indicate I would try to write in my blog every day, just that I would write every day.

Well, seems I already blew this very first New Year's Resolution I ever made.  I did not write every day or for that matter I did not write any day since last we touched base

I got wrapped up taking on a new homeowner project.  CR, the all things electrical Wiz and longtime friend decided sooner was better than later to install my new main panel.  He had suggested it while helping me patch up the old wiring system I had.  Being a no bullshit kinda guy, his suggestions were brutally frank.  "Why fix this when you need to start with a new main panel.  What are you?  French?"

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Electricity.  That awesome mysterious force that magically makes my house a home and not some backwoods camp in Maine.  We could and have existed without it on a few occasions.  We can burn wood for heat and there is a dug well next to the kitchen with a hand pump.

But I like my electricity.  It pumps our water, lights up our house, washes our dishes, and keeps the beer cold.  Life without it would be doable, but not as much fun as it is with it.  As important as it is, you would think I would have upgraded the whole system 25 years ago when I had more ambition and was still skinny enough to crawl around in the crawl spaces and attics.  And because I only patched it up when something went wrong, I  now have no choice in the matter.  Make do won't do.  It is time to go after it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Just Another Day on the Planet

I gave up paying much attention to the news.  I lose perspective and calm when I focus on the events unfolding outside my small corner of the World.  I am sure the planet is inhabited by mad men and crazy women.  Now i pick and choose what I allow to grab my attention.  If it's a stupid issue, person, event that the news jocks are trying to get my bowels in an uproar over, I figure it is not worth my time.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014


There was nothing but doom and gloom, dire predictions of meltdowns, flare ups, fantastic conflagrations, and maybe even the end of the World as we knew it.  Some may not have said so, but that is what they were thinking.  The world would blow up if Obama Care continued one minute longer.

Political big mouths and their mindless drooling lock step minions raised their voices, hiked their blood pressure and tightened up their sphincters hoping to bring us along on their partisan nightmare ride....................Why?