Thursday, December 01, 2011

Anonymous Said

Below is a comment posted to my "Winger With Woodies" post yesterday.  I wrote the post almost 2 years ago.  I liked this comment so much, I thought I would share.  The comment is not even close to being on topic.  But I assume whoever wrote this feels much better now.  I live to serve.

"How do you know a liberal is lying? Answer - when their lips are moving! Those on the left have no class, none, nada, zip. Your blog is just another pile of garbage designed to appeal to the senseless mob. You are in a word - pathetic.

Dana Perino has more class in one strand of her blonde hair than you and those like you could ever hope to accumulate in your pathetic lifetimes.

Ugh, you all make me so sick. WHy don't you all fly down to Cuba and hang out with your fellow leftists. While you're there, check out the poverty, the homelessness, the depravity, and the helplessness. That's what the left would like to bring to the USA. While you're there, check out the void between the have's and the have-not's in Cuba. You bitch and whine about income gaps between the rich and the middle class here, wait til you get a load of the divide in your commie mate's backyard.

Food for thought, loser. While I will readily condemn you for your ignorance, Dana Perino never will. She has too much stuff for the likes of you. You don't deserve her benefit of the doubt."

How should I react to this?  I mean, how should I respond once I stop laughing.  This person was obviously serious.  And if not, they did a damn fine job of imitating the "Free Republic" Freeper persona.  I used to dice it out with mental giants like this back in the day of newsgroups in the 1990s.  Any thin skin I may have still had was beefed up by that experience.

So is snarky and sarcastic the way to go?  Or do I treat this comment seriously and address the specific complaints and accusations?  Or maybe I should point out the fact that the comment has absolutely nothing to do with my post?  Hmm.  What to do?  If nothing else I should thank them for giving me something to post today.

I'll come up with something.


okjimm said...

//check out the poverty, the homelessness, the depravity, and the helplessness.//

Gosh... I was going to do that very thing, but Randal said Cleveland was really busy this time of year.. he said try back around Groundhog's Day.

Ol'Buzzard said...

I jealous - no one ever gets that excited about one of my post. The most I get is Yellowdog Granny tells me I need to get laid morel.
the Ol'Buzzard

Randal Graves said...

I never get internet spam bots.

Tom Harper said...

Well, at least Anonymous gave you something to write about; and to laugh at.

It's useless to try arguing with people like this. They "argue" with a combination of off-topic incoherent rambling and recycled talking points. And if you answer their "argument," they come back with something else that's equally off topic.

Best to just sit back and be entertained.

BBC said...

You don't have to make the opinions of others valid.

yellowdoggranny said...

that was the reason I started my blog in piss off the right..but look at all the friends I made..except for bbc..

amidnightrider said...

I thought I was reading a transcript of last nights debate reading this.

Commander Zaius said...

WHy don't you all fly down to Cuba and hang out with your fellow leftists.

I really have no idea how to handle people like that other than to write leaving the USA does have some serious appeal.

MRMacrum said...

okjimm - Well, you can always head to Buffalo or maybe East St Louis.

Ol'Buzzard - We all need to get laid more.

Randal - And if anyone deserved to...........just goes to show that Life is indeed unfair.

Tom Harper - I actually like a good troll. But one like this is just pure comedy.

BBC - Opinions as scatterbrained as that one cannot be any more validated. And a two way conversation is out as it was an obvious hit and run mini rant. But I still like to respond just to well, respond.

YELLOWDOG GRANNY - Oh come on now. Admit you like the ole curmudgeon.

A Midnight Rider - And that goes to your previous comment of the Right being co-opted by its fringes. Now even the mainstream GOP is sucking up to them by repeating even more outrageous lies and innuendo.

Beach Bum - Apparently I already live outside the USA. Even our whackiest Mainer seems tame to what I see going on in the rest of the 48.