Sunday, July 22, 2018

A Few Degrees Shy of Tipping Over

You might think this is just another "Godammit I'm getting old" post.  And you would be right.  It is sort of.

30 years ago I vowed to quit smoking tobacco.  Sometime around this past Christmas I finally succeeded.  Unfortunate timing maybe, but I also developed some debilitating health issues  around the same time.  I became so weak, just standing up gave me better rushes than a hit of killer weed.  Walking the dog became brief moments outback only a few steps away from the door.  My best days were spent but a few degrees shy of tipping over.

This went on until, uh, ... I guess I turned a corner a couple of weeks ago. 

I'm actually walking the dog over to Mary's Park across Sam Page Road now. I'm not tearing it up but I am feeling better for sure now having bagged three consecutive 1/2 mile loops.  Ten days ago, I could not walk 100 yards without stopping. 

I'd say I am back, but well, now days, I need to be careful how much I promise myself.  I guess I am just grateful for how much I have bounced back now.  I will keep pushing even though it is so easy to give in.  This is a painful comeback, as painful as anything I have ever experienced.

The true silver lining though is it has been approximately seven months since I rolled a cigarette.

Keep it 'tween the ditches .......................................