Friday, December 23, 2011

The Missed Anniversary

 Last week I remembered  that my 7th year anniversary with this blog was coming up.  I thought it might be nice to write a post on that date making note of the auspicious occasion.  As I am the only one in charge of keeping track, it is so very typical that I blew it.  I have regularly forgotten more important dates than this one.  My wife's birthday comes to mind. Two years in a row I blew it.  The second one is still brought up as ammo by her when she needs to take me down a peg or two.  My daughter's birthday, more than a few wedding anniversaries and even my own birthday several times have been lost in the clutter I call my mind.  Unless someone mentions I missed them, I often do not notice for a week at least.

But over the last couple of years my track record has improved.  Wishing to keep up the good work, if only to satisfy myself, I checked my archived posts and I could have sworn the 7th anniversary fell on December 23.  All week I had planned to say a few words and maybe have a shot of Ezra Brooks to celebrate.............................Well I'll still have the shot.  I'm due anyway.

The anniversary was three days ago.  Now I know how my wife feels.  Okay, so I really don't.  But I have at least an inkling of  anticipation disappointed.  As it turns out the anniversary ended up being what it should have been anyway.  Just another day on the planet.

7 years is a long time.  Not a lifetime, but a decent chunk of time.  Certainly worth noting if nothing else.  What may be of more significance are the number of posts I have published.  This will make post #1046 once it goes out on the air waves.  Think of the bandwidth I have consumed.  Think of all the wasted hours typing words that have had no real impact on anyone but myself..

The point originally, the initial reason I began this blog was to write and hopefully become better at it.  1047 posts indicate that I did write, and the over 5000 comments I have received tell me I at least had someone's attention some of the time.  And while I have no good reason to pat myself on the back, I will anyway for one reason and one reason only.  I have connected and had conversations with people all over the world.  That in itself is worthy of a back slap.

To everyone out there, thank you for sharing your time with me.  May all of you be well and maybe before the New year take a moment and appreciate just how awesome this Internet gig really is.  Thanks for stopping by.

Peace on Earth........................................................


BBC said...

Don't recall when I started blogging, about the same time you did I guess, but I recall why I started blogging, and now I have over 2000 posts on the internut.

Hope your christmas is peaceful.

Randal Graves said...

How awesome this internet gig really is until they take all the porn away and stash it on their own private servers, greedy fucking politicians.

Ol'Buzzard said...

We blog because we have something to say - and we have to write. You undersell yourself when you say your post aren't important: you connect with a lot of people.

the Ol'Buzzard

Lance said...

wow, 7 years. I read read about someone celebrating their 9th anniversary, blogging.

I'm on my 3rd blog. The 1st was between 05-06, then took a year off. Then the 2nd was mid 07 to mid 08, took a year a half off.

I'm enjoying mine now. Been going since May 2010.

You write very well, with vision and humor.

Glad you found my blog and I found yours.


The Blog Fodder said...

Hope you go for another seven years. Good reading.