Wednesday, December 28, 2022


I am not even sure what the dream's initial intent was. It had been in play for awhile. The few moments of the scene I remembered overwhelmed the rest of the story. And it is odd, but once again, it was the final words spoken to me that ended it and caused my eyes to open.

I stepped out of a townhouse that had a front yard made up of fresh asphalt instead of the classic small city patch of green set next to a crumbling concrete strip driveway. My boss; that is I assume he was my boss, was bent down next to the driver's side of a big black four door sedan parked behind our company van. He stood up and signaled me to come over. As I passed the sedan, I could not really see what was inside because of the tinted windows. I could tell however, the car was full of people.

Before I could pass the car, the passenger door opened and a tall black guy stepped out. He was wearing a long black robe , a beard, and a black Fez with no tassel. He turned on me as if surprised. Emblazoned on his Fez in gold were the letters FOE. A horizontal line cut through the O. He glared at me, turned back and walked to our company van. The sliding door opened and he got in. 

The brief moment the car door was open gave me a good look inside the car. In the back seat four more huge people in black robes sat crammed in shoulder to shoulder. All of them were staring straight ahead in silence. All four wore black Fez hats, only two had veils draped over their face. I immediately assumed these were the ladies of their group. The driver wore an all white robe but had on the same FOE Fez as the others.

I rounded the front of the car and stopped. Facing this huge automobile, I noted the resemblance to the Mercedes Benz's of my youth, only instead of the classic Mercedes Benz symbol sticking out of the hood, the hood now sported the same gold letters inside a circle of black found on the Fez's everyone was wearing.

My boss finished his conversation with the driver and turned to me. "Stay here and keep these folks amused. I will be right back." 

Without another word he walked to our company van, got in and drove off. Always eager to please, I approached the still open driver's window with a broad smile and some serious small talk to share.

"So, how do you like this car?"

No response. I followed up with, "It is a beauty."

The driver turned to me wearing a very unfriendly face under that black Fez with the letters FOE pasted on the front. His dark eyes cut right through me.

"I like this car much more than I like you."

................... That is when I woke up. 

BTW, I only share this dream because I remembered it in such detail. I figure that writing it down might add some understanding to the dream. Most times, like now, it did not help to write it down.

Oh Well ........ Keep it 'tween the ditches .....................................


This song planted hard before I even finished the post. A long ago tune from my past. Here is "All I have to do is dream", by The Everly Brothers - from 1958. I was six years old.

Friday, December 23, 2022

Feliz Navidad

After taking some time away from the noise and confusion of the world outside my small patch, I decided that instead of another bitch and complain post or another trip down memory lane, I would just follow the lead of so many folks who turn this time of the year to counting blessings.

I admit that counting my blessings is hit or miss with me. It is even worse when counting the blessings of others. And I have always shied away from assuming Life is a bowl of cherries for anyone. 

We all put up with negativity in our lives; some self inflicted, much of it not. It is often easier to stop looking forward with an open heart and open mind. Yet, that is what I am bound and determined to try to do this year. My record is not great. But this is the season from which Hope springs, even if it isn't for eternity.

So instead of counting blessings, as there are far too many to note; instead, just savor those blessings for what they are, what they were and what they might become in the future.

Happy Holidays to all out there on the other side of my horizon.  ........  Merry Christmas! .....Feliz Navidad! ........  And of course Happy Hanukkah.  

If I missed someone, oh well. Just borrow one of the other sentiments. No one will mind.

 Tis the season to un-bunch our panties.


My favorite Christmas song has to be "Feliz Navidad" by Jose Feliciano 

Sunday, December 04, 2022

The New Cat - Next Chapter

Squiggle turned around, sat down and faced the field of battle.

"Yesssssss ...... I have successsssssfully hisssssssed and slasssshed my way to the top."

" They will now heed my every beck and call."

"Today, the Macrum Home."

"Tomorrow ............ "

Squiggle paused in her reverie; licked some blood from her left paw and yawned.

"Tomorrow ........... the World."

"But right now ........... it'ssssssss nap time."


Music for this post .............. "Stray Cat Strut", by The Stray Cats.

Thursday, December 01, 2022

The New Cat

I have shared my life and my home with many fur buddies over the last forty plus years. Six dogs and too many cats to remember at the age of 70 have puked, shit, and torn up our home from time to time over that period. For every irritating stupid pet trick they pulled, I still came back for more. Pets, no, I can't call them pets; ..... my diminutive four legged fur buddies have enriched my life and probably when it is all said and done and I sit in an urn on the mantel as a pile of crusty dust , well, someone may just note that the furry members of my family kept me sane when I needed to be the most.

Which brings me to the new cat.

We went through a period twenty plus years ago or so when we were fostering momma kitties and sick kittens. At the time we had I am guessing, 8 or 9 other full time feline inmates we called our own. It was a madhouse of too many litter boxes and never ending barf detail. My wife, the accountant, can give you more precise numbers, but let's just say we were tripping over the little bastids. And contrary to the image that I am a contrary ole fart, I was loving Life. Bring em on.

We found our limit. Told ourselves no more new cats. We successfully abstained from adoption or fostering until there was only one cat and one dog left. I reveled in the fact that we now only had one litter tray and the random acts of barfing had become almost non-existent.

But, the quiet and solitude would not last. After three years, neither my wife nor I were happy with just the two critters. We were happiest I guess when the house had more feet zooming around.

I waited for my wife to kick the new pet notion into gear. I waited because if it didn't pan out I wanted to not be the one who had suggested it ........ Nah, I waited for her because I knew she would not be able to stand it. She lasted longer than I thought she would.

Once the idea of a new cat had settled in, she began the online search for one from the available kitties at the NH humane Society where my daughter is the Projects and Program Manager. 

She found a female cat she thought might be good. Named "Squiggle", she was two years old and all black. Black cats don't get adopted as fast as other cats. 

So. we get her home and my wife has come up with a detailed plan to ease Squiggle into our small community. We'll keep her isolated for a time and then slowly introduce her to Maggie and Felix, AKA Peanut, AKA, Little Asshole.This sane introduction lasted two days and then anarchy ensued. 

Maggie likes cats and apparently Squiggle is familiar with dogs and their stupid ways, so nothing more than some warning hisses that Maggie was all to happy to honor. The problems came when Felix and Squiggle had their first face to face.

We had been concerned about Felix attacking Squiggle as he is a tom and tends to strut around like he is some kind of badass. Now mind you, Felix might weigh in at an impressive 7 pounds. Squiggle might hit 5 pounds. Just to look at them, neither was intimidating in any way. 

The first day barriers were cast aside, it did not take long to hear hissing and growling of the kind we know is probably accompanied by claws out slashing. Just as I stand up, Felix comes barreling downstairs while Squiggle sits at the top of the stairs looking demur and cute. She turns around and heads back to her throne on a dresser in the bedroom. 

My little buddy is crushed now. His ego has been bruised and he knows Squiggle is the boss and he is just another asshole under her paw.

We have been through this kind of realignment several times in our past. Sadly Felix, AKA Peanut, AKA, Little Asshole has not. It's been 3 days now and he is still sulking.

Keep it 'tween the ditches .................................................


I am getting better at finding tunes for my posts. Of course, now that I have begun bragging, my next choice will hide for hours. ......... Anyway, today's tune is "Bohemian Catsody". Not sure who arranged it. Enjoy!