Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Toy Box

Today I rifled through an old wooden military box I used as a toy box when I was a kid. Instead of toys it had become a receptacle for momentos and reminders of times gone by. I was looking for something in particular. It was not there, but my old varsity jacket from high school was. I pulled it out and wondered why it was so important to me then and whether it was still important to me now. In high school, a varsity jacket elevates you and sets you apart from the other losers in school. It's effect on your life then is much more dramatic than 35 years later. 35 years later, I look at it and am sure it has shrunk. Physically and metaphorically. I smiled as I put it back. I knew now what I should have known then. It was just a jacket. And now it was just a jacket that did not fit anymore. Physically and metaphorically.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Re: Jack Abramoff

Politics and smoky back room deals have been part and parcel of politics since Eve conspired to get Adam to chomp on that apple. That does not excuse the activity. When it comes to light, we need to do more than shrug our shoulders and say, "Oh well, whatcha gonna do? That's politics."

Insisting on accountability through our vote, our outrage, and our dollars are the minimum we should bring to bear. Sadly, many are too comfortable in their own ruts to take the time to care. And the abuses continue unchecked.

Convoluting the whole mess are the divisions nursed and expanded by the various groups who benefit from these deals. We then fall into the partisan mindset and let our own crew slide but are ever ready to go for the jugulars of the other side.

Until both sides agree that the sleazy tactics and ethical misdeeds of their leaders hurts everyone, including themselves, we will continue to enable the crooks and low lifes in their quest to own our lives.

Nothing New Under the Sun

I am beginning to understand what my mother was getting at when she said "there is nothing new under the Sun". Americans are no worse nor any better than they were in previous years. What we have now is the culmination of the years of apathy, greed and self interest that has permeated our society since it's inception.

Every generation has it's shame. McCarthy, Mississippi Burning, Nam, the me years, and now Iraq all signify that perfection and harmony are ours to wish for but we only get in our own way.

The problem is no culture can withstand a constant onslaught of hits. Eventually the culture is worn down and worn out. We will get through this but only in time to meet the next test. And with each test more people fall by the wayside numbed by their previous experience. The question is who will rise to take their place? Us or them?

Sunday, January 01, 2006


It's the new year. 2006 has officially been rung in. The ball has dropped. Everyone is now embarking on a new beginning.

Not me. I'm sitting here at oh, 12:55 AM and going through one of the many familar routines that are part of my life now. Sober, awake, and waiting for inspiration.

Happy New Year!