Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Spirit Driven Interlude

Words pour free as Guinness draft at an Irish wake.  Some words, phrases , crusts of thought savored harsh and slow.  Others tossed back quick. The writer sits hunched, crunched and through slitted eyes manages to make some sense.  His story slowly taking form, not a word he wasted.  No back tracking, he never second guessed.

A grand tale of love, heartbreak and sorrow spreads its wings.  Author, author why do you hesitate?  Is the moment so precious or is that a tear in your eye? 

You know you must finish, button it up clean it up, and put it up ...........for others to see.  Yet the writer is still life, his fingers hover waiting for that pleasure filled last line to settle in his mind.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch,  yes please pour yourself another drink, maybe a finger or two.  Two cubes of ice in a small glass is all Jameson asks.  Or maybe some sour mash straight from the steel flask  The local spirits tonight want control.  They will not be denied.

Ah Yes.  That's better, best, but please save the rest.  For later gator, before you hit the road and lay down your head on a familiar bed to dream tales you will never recall...................... even in jest.

Good Night Irene.....................................................

New fiction up at BoZone ll - "Dreams Do Come True"


Tom Harper said...

Cool post. I can't think of a comment -- end-of-the-year writer's block. But I liked it.

Commander Zaius said...

yes please pour yourself another drink, maybe a finger or two.

Still have my throne at the poolside bar going, I've killed scores of margaritas watching all the beautiful young people walk by. There has to be a few stories in all the little glances and unspoken words I saw exchanged as sat next the water. I may even sort a few out of everything I saw and write them down.

BBC said...

Still have my throne at the poolside bar going,

Um, sitting on a porta pottie? Actually, that would be pretty cool.

I like Brandy, she is a friend of mine, will enjoy a few fingers of her just before bedtime.