Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Have Nothing

nene pucking in toilet

Rose obviously had run out of other things to talk about. And she said as much. Her recent post, "Polly Pocket Puppy goes down the Hole" was about the things that get flushed down the toilet. In her always trying to engage the audience way, she asked us what odd and unusual things we had flushed down the toilet. And try as I might, I could not think of a thing worth mentioning. I am embarrassed to admit that in various stages of inebriation or clumsiness, I have dropped things in the toilet. But I always managed to grit my teeth and dive in to save them. The occasional toothbrush, dollar bills, unused but hopefully used in the future condoms bought for a quarter from those machines on the walls of barroom toilets, the keys to my car, and once at least, my wallet.

For some odd reason Rose's post tickled my funny bone. The tickle came from the fact that I identified with her as a blogger always looking for something to write about. Maybe I am off base here, but I imagine the dedicated bloggers often sit in front of their computers like me and stare at the empty "Create" screen and their mind goes "Duh". But the urge to put pen to paper so to speak overwhelms our lack of creativity in that moment. Writing something is better than writing nothing.

This morning is the perfect example here in the hole I call my office. I generally will wake up, check emails, and then punch up the blog to spend some time expressing my opinion on whatever happens to be bouncing around the void at the moment. On those days I have nothing, I seek out ideas and will shamelessly poach from others. As I have today. Thank You Rose for giving me some inspiration.

So what's my point? Does it matter? Just satisfying that Jones, scratching that itch is all that really matters. Do I always have to have something important to relate? From my intermittent reviews of posts written in the past, I would say important has not been one of my priorities. Today is no exception. Today I concentrate on living up to my spiffy slogan at the top. Blatant Self Indulgence.

BTW - When I punched up the search button for "toilet" in Photobucket, 27,376 images of toilets and related activities became available for my viewing, er, pleasure? 27,376 images! Again I am just astounded at the things that folks take pictures of.


Missy Glave said...

Sometimes when I sit down at the computer to blog I feel like I'm in that movie "Groundhog Day" ... you know the movie where Chevy Chase's character lives the same day over and over again.

I feel much like that with my posts. Although we do different things I mostly post about the adventures with my 3-year-old son ... same stuff ... day after day.

J said...

We had a cat once, who liked to put things in the toilet. We assume she wanted to see if they floated, but that's probably too sophisticated of a thought process for a cat. The grossest thing we ever found was half of a mouse. She had eaten the other half. Another time she dropped a whole mouse in. We don't know if it drowned, or if she killed it first.

Ah, good times.

Rose DesRochers said...

By chance did you look back in my archives and see the photo I took of a toilet? lol

You just had to save that condom did you?

Thank you for the linky love.

(Ps- Love the pic. It goes so well with my post. lol)