Monday, July 07, 2008


I had been sleeping pretty well lately. I had become used to decent snooze time for a change. Not tonight though. My eyes popped open about an hour ago after only a few hours sleep. The house is silent. The cats are comatose, Stub lies blissfully dog twitching in her sleep and my wife is curled up in fetal position and dead to the World. I imagine my daughter is also. The house seems comfortable and safe in it's silence.

Nothing particular is eating at me. Oh, there is plenty of unfinished business and untended obligations. But nothing out of the ordinary. I am not in physical distress or under mental duress. Life is about as good as it gets at the moment. Yet, I still woke up.

All I can figure is I am over tired. I have been pushing the physical limits of late by riding everyday and then adding insult to injury by taking on the chore of taming a yard gone bad. I sat down on a rock this afternoon to wipe my brow and contemplate my next move against the evil of my jungle and I fell asleep. Not for long, but long enough to dream unsettling dreams. A couple of hours after dinner my eyes crossed and I had to lay down. And now I am awake. It is 2:00 AM. Just great.

I sat down here at my desk and punched up the computer. Not sure where to start, I just went into automatic. Checked emails. I had 15 new messages. 12 were spam from Walmart and someone promising to give me pretty much anything I wanted if I would just respond. The other three were comments on the blog. I checked them out and commented back.

That took what? 5 minutes? It's now 2:05 AM. With heavy eyelids and something less than a full deck I figured I would visit some blogs I frequent regularly. gjg is concerned that no one is reading his blog. I found it hard to sympathize when I saw 9 people had left comments. But I was nice and left him a tenth. He's been a hoot to read.

Then I visited Rose's blog which I had been meaning to visit for awhile but had not. A bud of gjg, she also was posting in the "I wonder if anyone is out there" mode. I did not look to see posting times for either her or gjg, but I assume one fed off the other. I left my first comment with her and when I pressed the post it button, it disappeared. I followed up with another less witty and pithy comment explaining my first one but without the flair of spontaneity that words have when first thought up. It was lame and I knew it. So I left.

I then posted a few more comments here and there. I began this post. It is now 2:55AM. And still all I have to show for my dark thirty efforts is less than my best effort. But it beats lying awake with my eyes open and sweating in the humidity of the dark.


Dawn Fortune said...

umph. know that kind of tired. rest yourself, mister, and the yard work will get done when it gets done.

Rose DesRochers said...

It wasn't lame. I wish you had of stuck around though. :( Do come back and see me.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

thanks for taking the time, considering the conditions under which you were working, to post the comment on my rant-----I try to leave a comment on individual posts when I read them, but obviously there are only so many hours in the day and if one has a plethora of friends, each blogging like babbling brooks (and I do tend to babble, but then I'm 71, yadda, yadda, yadda), answering each post would be impossible. I have to keep in mind most people have family and real lives, and can't blog all day long----but be sure my heart goes out to them for their chores.

Anonymous said...

Darlin, it must be something in the air because I was awake until 3:30 am. I was absolutely bobbing and weaving as I perused the blogs, but whenever I tried laying down, my eyes would pop open. Tonight? DRUGS AND LIQUOR!!