Sunday, October 30, 2011

In Your Face Shapleigh

I was watching the early storm results after the Nor'easter that just swooped through our region. Channel Six up to Portland reported snowfall amounts for the towns hit hardest. A list was placed on the TV screen. The accumulated amounts varied greatly, with some areas just getting a dusting. As I read the list, I noticed the town next door, Shapleigh came out on top with 17".

"Harumph.....Where's the Acton results? I bet we beat those clowns over to Shapleigh. They think they're just so special."

But Acton was not even on the list. Grumpy now, I went about my morning. Brewed some coffee. Drank some coffee. Looked out the window at the instant winter that came overnight. Drank some more coffee and waited for daylight.

About 7:30 AM my wife found me. "Hey, I just saw Acton's snow fall results. We got 20", the most reported in the state so far.

Now flush with victory, my day just got better.....................and then I realized.......................I have to go outside and clear that 20" of snow off the drive and walkways.

Suddenly and instantly without so much as a warm up storm, I am hard into winter and it is not even November yet. But that does not bother me. I have bragging rights when next I meet some flounder from Shapleigh......Nyaah, Nyaah, Nyaah.


The Blog Fodder said...

Snow fool like an old fool? Or something.
Will this melt or is it now permanent winter? We have had ZERO precip here for well over two months and 20 inches of wet snow would (almost) be appreciated.
Went down to -7 last night. Nights all below freezing these past two weeks.

Randal Graves said...

You have won the future!

Ol'Buzzard said...

Salami, Salami, Bologna - Farmington only got a foot.
I bow to your snowness.
the Ol'Buzzard