Monday, December 07, 2009

Stormy Monday

Last night while seated here in front of this computer I was restless. I could tell I was antsy. I started three posts about this or that. None of them filled the need I apparently had. So I began to go through my music library looking for just the right sound that would mesh with the mood I was in. I tasted Rock. I dabbled in some Classical and a smidgen of Jazz. Even some Pop and believe it or not, some Hip Hop. Nothing worked.

"Okay asshole", I thought, "punch up some guaranteed to put a hitch in your britches mood enhancing music - Some Metal might just clear out the cobwebs."

Even turned up way past WOW, neither Metallica, Sabbath, Incubus or Evanscence did much for my frame of mind. Three hours of sampling and tasting and no relief. About midnight I gave up. I'd just have to let some sleep calm my unsettled mind.

Sleep was what I needed I guess. I slept late struggling to hold onto a very fine dream about which I can remember nothing now. I hit the ground running. Busy before that first cup of coffee had even perked. Yeah, sleep was the cure.

Now on break from what might finish as a rarely experienced productive day, I sit here once again looking to communicate something of interest. Something at least clever. And though I seem to be missing my target, I feel great.

I feel great because that nagging need I had last night for just the right sound finally hit me about fifteen minutes ago. Blues. Elmore James, BB King, and that dead before his time Stevie Ray Vaughn. Nothing settles frantic nerves like some straight up in my face Blues.

What the Hell was I thinking?

Later Gator......................


sunshine said...

That Stevie Ray Vaughn was a tasty bit of yum back in the day!

I'll admit. I rarely listen to Blues. Too slow of a foot tap for me. :)
I listened to these two songs you have posted though and liked them very much.

I miss listening to music. My youngest son HATES music and has "sensitive ears" apparently. :P
If I put my ipod on all I can hear in the background is "Mom... MOM!! MOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!"

Now that Mass is in school 2 days a week I try and get my fill then.

I do miss listening to music in the evenings. I'm glad you found what you were looking for.


Mauigirl said...

Love the blues - great choices.

susana said...

sounds like you need "The Cure"


BBC said...

I started three posts about this or that.

Geez, I've written posts years ago that I've not gotten around to posting yet. And a list of posts to write, it's just all bigger than I am.

I don't spend much time listening to music.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Funny you should mention needing the right music to hit your groove, Crum. That's the way I was feeling this morning. And I just listened to the two songs you posted, and I just started a fine hot cup of coffee.

If I can find a few more blues songs, I'll hit my groove, and maybe actually get a few things done today.

Randal Graves said...

That's some good stuff and man, few things resonate with the soul like finding that exact and perfect combination of notes and spaces in between when needed the most.