Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Anger Bucket is Empty

There's 1001 things to get my bowels in an uproar over. Apparently though, I am all up-roared out. Righteous indignation of any kind is missing in action. The well of my discontent is currently dry. I'm pumping nothing but air.

There's the 30 Republican Senators who voted against Sen. Franken's anti-rape amendment. I could certainly waste a few words on their sorry butts. They are just asking for some good ole butt reaming by not leaving the stupidity of their vote alone. Now several have their nose out of joint because they were called out as stupid Legislators. So I can't get angry, I just have to laugh at these sorry representatives of American leadership.

Of course there's always Obama Man and his recent military strategy regarding Afghanistan to make the bile start to inch up my throat. Step up all the way or go home. 30,000 troops does not seem like enough. But you know what? The whole thing is such a cluster ......well, it is a mess over there. No way Obama comes out smelling like a rose. A military incursion destined to fail before it ever got started. Bush made sure of that. So again, all I can do is laugh. Even if it is a humorless dry laugh.

Yeah, plenty to get on my high horse about. But I just can't. No enthusiasm for the good rant. No energy left to raise a clenched fist. You boneheads in charge have a "Get out of jail free card" for a few more days. It's gonna take at least that long to recharge my batteries.


Beach Bum said...

I have been trying to write an essay about what I perceive to be an age mired in a seemingly unshakeable malaise with no real signs that it will ever end.

Obama's is getting screwed by the sins of Bush, corporate rats walk proudly claiming the sun rises and sets with them while ignoring the rules we are forced to live by, and our culture is so putrefied that in many ways it might have been best if the Commies had won the Cold War.

But right now, what’s the point?

Mauigirl said...

Yep, I feel the same way. There are so many things to write about but haven't been able to muster the effort. Perhaps when I retire! ;-)

BBC said...

Don't need any troops over there at all, it's just how the war departments justify their sorry ass existence, playing war games. Sadly, it helps the economy in this sick country. Try to close down plants that make the war mongering stuff and the monkeys cry they will lose their jobs.

Don't need to send anything to that country but bombs, really big bombs, monkeys on the ground not required.

Sometimes it's just best to say, "Fuck it all" so that all the stupid shit doesn't get you down too much.

Kulkuri said...

The thing to do over there is to declare victory and leave. You are right in that it was fucked from the start and there is no way to fix it now. Problem is like George Carlin did a rap on 'Nam back in the day, "Pull out, doesn't sound manly to me!!!"

As for healthcare, I've pretty much decided it isn't worth getting worked up about as by the time anything gets done, I'll be on Medicare.

Demeur said...

The problem Billy is that we don't even make much of the military hardware here in the U.S. anymore. So most of the money is going to Haliburton and Brown and Root for doing $100 loads of laundry for the troops. Nice racket if you can get in on it.

Obama got stuck with a no win situation thanks to Chimp W Bush and Dickless Cheney.

sunshine said...

Awww Mike. :(
I hear your frustration and I'm glad you're trying not to get worked up about it all.
It's not good for you. Now my cream filled pot pie... that will cure whatever ails ya! :P


El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Looks like the Dept of Defense may be in the same league as the 30 GOP Senators, Crum:

I haven't read this amendment in full, but some of the accusations of the nay-voters seem mired in good old fashioned ignorance. In other words, it appears they didn't read it either.

"It's going to be applied retroactively!" - Yes and no. It applies to FY 2010, which the HuffPost thinks hasn't started yet, but which actually started September 30, 2009, which is only 2+ months ago.

"It leaves court as the only option to the victim!" - Wrong. It gives the option to take it to court. A victim can still use other means to obtain justice, such as internal arbitration.

I would also be interested to see what Sen. Inouye (D-Hawaii) says about it now. A few weeks back he was worried it would overly expose contractors to lawsuits, and was talking of killing the amendment or having it re-worded.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

As for the war in Afghanistan, I believe the best course to follow would have been quick $20-million lessons to countries to remind them why they should fear the USA, instead of drawn-out $1-trillion missions to try to convince them to love the West. But if you're going to fight a war, fight it with enough firepower to crush the enemy within a few weeks or months. Otherwise, pack up and go home, and keep the heavy bombers on standby (see $20-million lesson comment, above).

MRMacrum said...

Beach Bum - We're always mired in something it seems. So as you say, what's the point?

Mauigirl - Retire? Hmm.

BBC - And that's what I'm saying, Fuck it All.

Kulkiri - Not sure it's worth getting fired up about anything. Especially now that I don't jave to worry about my TV Guide gettin lost in the mail.

Demeur - I remember when Haliburton meant well made luggage. Now they're doin laundry.

sunshine - a cream filled pie of almost any kind will cure any man's ills.

El Cerdo Ignatius - I read the DOD opinion. They base their opinion on what might happen when the wording of the amendment does not limit arbitration, it only adds criminal prosecution as a possibility if the situation warrants it.

Lobbing missles and bombs doesn't work. Putting an army on the ground to fight conventionally in an unconventional situation does not work. Maybe if we used the same tactics with the same callous disregard for any innocents in the area, we might make some progress. At this point and considering the blind faith put in military solutions, Afghanistan has become and will continue to be our latest Viet Nam.