Friday, December 18, 2009

Eureka Moment #33

Seems I have temporarily misplaced my ability to sit down and empty whatever is in my head in whatever manner I feel the urge to use. Lately I have become obsessed cursed with the need to actually think about what I want to write about. In an effort to write better I have stopped firing from the hip. Must be all this fiction I have been fooling around with lately.

I usually go free range when I am in an up mood. My up moods in recent days have been few and far between. I want to blame Winter, my shop on the brink of closing, and the generally shitty attitude I see all around me. It certainly cannot be anything I have done, not done, or undone.

I partially blame "Pop Culture" and the fact they even use the word "Culture" in a term that describes human activities that most days do not even creep up on the notion of "Cultured". The rest of the blame obviously lays on the shoulders of Obama Man. He is our president and therefore anything that goes wrong, will go wrong, might go wrong, or won't go wrong but we think it will go wrong is his fault.

So I will gladly take what small upticks in attitude and small successes as may fall in my general vicinity. Today I am mildly happy to announce a new gadget or technique has been added to my blog. This addition is something I have been puzzling over for a long time. I could have taken the slow but sure route to securing this new tool of writing wizardry by taking the time to learn how to do it. But like most things I have done in Life, I obviously preferred to stumble across the answer solution after more than a few years of saying, "Oh you think you're so cool with that...." "I wish I could do that."

Because I seemed to have consumed a silly pill at breakfast, or maybe it was one of Stubby's righteous farts overwhelming my brain.......Anyway it would appear massive and possibly fatal meltdowns have occurred in the precious small amount paltry and insignificant pile of common sense I up to now had stored safely away in my cranial coffers. As I cast an eye across the barren landscape inside, there is nothing but smoke this AM. I figured I would share my excitement at learning something new, but not tell fill you in on what it is was I finally figured out. Why? Hell Shit, I don't know why. Does anyone ever really know why they do everything they do?

Let's Just say Whatever it was that caused my latest moment of mania does not matter. What matters is not Health Care, Obama or the latest stupidity coming from Rupert's Network. What matters is are we having a good time? Well are ya punk?


Randal Graves said...

I don't know, are we having a good time? I'm not having a bad time, but I'm at work, but it's break so it's not busy, but I'm still at work.

Should bring down some board games n' booze.

sunshine said...

Hmmm... so what did you learn?
Are you really not going to tell us? Or.. did you tell us and I just wasn't paying attention???


Demeur said...

Well I got it. Are we having a good time? Why hell no, we're all in the same sinking boat. But what are you going to do.

BBC said...

Lately I have become obsessed cursed with the need to actually think about what I want to write about. In an effort to write better I have stopped firing from the hip.

Why do you feel the need to write better? Cuz others think they know more about writing than you do? Fuck them, I've always wrote from the heart and off the cuff and that isn't about to change just because some other idiots think they are experts.

If I wanted their fucking opinion I would have asked them for it, don't tell me where to put my fucking commas, this is english, it's a piece of shit, put them where you like.

Actually, I am having a pretty damn good time, if I didn't have things to rant about I don't think I would be very happy.

I think that health care is a joke cuz we're going to die anyway so why fuss over it. Politics is a joke, Tiger Woods is a joke and so is Martha Stewart.

Even Obama is becoming a disappoint and joke to me. This whole fucking planet is just one big fucking joke anymore.

And don't get me started about THE INSANE CHICKS SOCIETY (TICS), you know how I get.

BBC said...

We're on in the same sinking boat? Na, I'm sitting on the side of the mountain watching it sink while enjoying a few beers.

MRMacrum said...

Randal - Board games n booze huh? Aren't you the wild man.

sunshine - I left some hints the size of bricks. Damn Canadians.

Demeur - What are we going to do? Shit man, have a good time while it lasts.

BBC - It is obvious to me that you cannot understand that the reason I do anything is most likely not because of what others think, but what I think. Wanting to learn to write better is all me.

You work hard at pleasing yourself. Please allow me the same courtesy.

sunshine said...

Alright. Alright. Calm the hell down.
Is it the cross out line thingy??
I think someone has some serious making up to do with me.... :(

MRMacrum said...

sunshine - Uh, sorry. That snarky comeback of mine might have been a little over the top. I should have said - "Darn Canadians". ;)

Yeah it's the cross out thingy. Figuring it out was the high point of my day. Hmm. That is sad. So very sad.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

sunshine - I left some hints the size of bricks. Damn Canadians.

Hey, wait a minute! **I** got it before I even clicked on the comments section. Really, I did.

And since you axed, yeah, I'm having a pretty good time. And once I ensure you've been forcibly converted to Catholicism, you'll enjoy yourself too.