Saturday, August 13, 2022

Rock n Roll Star

My eyes opened at 3:00 AM this morning. I was actually chilled for the first time since early July. I took note and forced my head back on the pillow and fell asleep. An hour later I think, I woke myself up singing. If not, I should have been. I was humming a blues tune with lyrics based on a song my old friends Tool and Bean contrived back in college. It was about Bean, his new shoes, and how he came to get shit on them.

Apparently I was a member of a nameless band and shared the lead singing role with another faceless rock star who was badgering me to "get my shit together" and find them another song; a song that would put us back in the limelight. 

"By the way asshole", my co-singer said, "Do it quick, we're on in twenty minutes and if possible, lose some weight too."

I was not sure why it was incumbent on me to do all the work, but it was my dream and as a rule I tended to be the star of my own dreams, good and bad. I got to work. I started humming a blues riff. When I was comfortable with that, I remembered Bean and Tool's Blues tune, "Shit on my new shoes Blues" from back in the day and began to insert a lyric here and there. 

I was standing in front of a mirror as I composed the song because well, I guessed all rock stars stand in front of mirrors before they face their audiences. As I primped and posed, my humming became a real song. 30 pounds of gut magically vanished from my body revealing the hardened abbed manly man beneath. My beard changed from white back to the brown it was in my youth. The door opened and...................... I fucking woke up. Dammit!

Anyway, that is how my day began. Hope yours will be as fun as mine has been so far.

Keep it 'tween the ditches ............................................


I actually picked my song before I even started the search. Please enjoy this blast from my, our, maybe your past. Here is the Byrds and their 1967 tune, "So you want to be a Rock n Roll star"


peppylady (Dora) said...

Sound like a nice way of waking up.
Coffee is on and stay safe

One from Ukraine said...

I was strolling across some lovely town(s) in me dream today.
That was sunny and healthy town, though with lots of weaponry stationed there.
Go figure. :-)

MRMacrum said...

One from Ukraine - Your dream seemed to reflect a harsh reality stuck in the reality you wished for, while my dream reflected a reality that was never going to happen.

My dream made me smile. I am guessing your dream did not make you smile and that sucks.

One from Ukraine said...

Walking through towns is a recurrent theme in my dreams. Unknown towns, unseen.
But yeah, weapon is a new addition. Though that was mostly stationed, memorial like.
We have lots of monuments of war here. Previous. WW2.
Where weapon of that war used as monuments. That kind of weapon.

Well, that is not dreams that disturb me today, but harsh reality itself.
While as of now it is clearly visible that our Ukrainian Military Forses (VSU -- Viyskovi Syly Ukrainy) are quite capable to protect us, and to fight back.
Uncertainity of future. As recent -- will the West help us for good, or will try to keep us with one hand and leg strangled (so we would not "scary" putin too much, to use a nuke).
As more distant -- will that help of the West they pledged (like help to rebuild our cities) be here in time. Will our state power not mess it up, as it was usually.

Ordinary adult human worries, I think.
But in this age and time for my Ukraine, that is like life-changing questions.

PS Thank you for your concerns. Well, my comment was more light-minded. It was not that grim dream. Quite contrary. Bright and peaceful. So I decided to share that your feelings -- as a human that also sees dreams, and open to discuss it -- that is quite remarkable amount of openness.
Hope I not overdid it.