Monday, August 15, 2022

Rock n Roll Star, Part ll

I had every intention to write about the underground city found in Derinkuyu, Turkey. They are not exactly sure how old it is, but it is ancient. Supposedly up to 20,000 people could have lived there. Yeah, I was going to write about that and how my lifetime has offered up regular reminders of how much I do not know about this rock we live on. With these regular reminders, I find wonderment again if only for a few moments before I , usually with some sadness, fall back into the reality of now and not then.

Sigh ...................... So instead of an ancient underground city ..............

Had another Rock n Roll dream last night. Not as graphic or memorable as my dream from last Saturday. But it was definitely a Rock n Roll dream. Not sure what this means. Am I just on a roll for Rock n Roll? Is it just coincidence? I don't care. Just remembering what I can is enough for me.

It seems in this dream I am restoring one of Neil Young's guitars. The guitar is a piece of shit. I piss and moan about its terrible condition as I take a piece of sandpaper to the neck and then fill dings and dents with some kind of epoxy designed to blend in with the original color.. Neil slaps me on the back and gives me a thumb's up. 

Apparently this is the guitar he needs for a small concert for a select few in someone's house. I finish my work and ask to get paid. The owner of the house tells me he owes me nothing, I owe him. I was invited to fix Neil's guitar. He charges for that. Meanwhile I look to Neil for some support and he just gives me another thumb's up.

I am about to leave in a huff, when a mysterious couple from previous dreams ask me to sit down on a couch and chill. This appearance of the recurring mysterious couple always means there will be Cannabis to be consumed. And now that I am used to them popping up in my dreams on a semi-regular basis, I just smile and try to guess what will be the delivery system this time. Hash Pipe, Bong, Joint, or maybe some edibles. I hoped it was not going to be edibles. Their edibles always turned me into a drooling senseless stoner who couldn't hold his Pot. Nothing more pitiful than that.

The dream kinda tapered off at this point. Maggie shoved her nose in my face and I woke up determined to go back to sleep for some kind of finale I guess. I was unsuccessful. Her insistence and wet tongue had their way and I am now begrudgingly among the living once again.

Good Morning, where's the coffee .............................


Naturally, music from Neil Young would be my choice for this post. But then he did not help me in my dream, damn deadbeat; ............ Hmm. Nah. Neil it is. Here is "Old Man" .

I picked this tune because, yeah it reminded me of my old man. I made a tape for him when I was in my twenties. This tune is the only one he mentioned liking. That is memorable because my father did not have much time for music with vocals in them. He was about Classical, some 1940's Jazz, and Sound Effects. The man loved sound effects. Somewhere in his massive tape collection is a two hour reel to reel tape of trains, planes, guns, explosions, and opening doors.

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yellowdoggranny said...

hmmm. I had dreams about cowboys and Indians and the Indians were winning when the alarm went off.
Old Man is a great great song..