Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ten Minutes

Ten Minutes........A measly ten minutes is all the time I have.  I have been looking for some way to goose myself back into writing on a more regular basis.  This every now and then shit is giving me a case of writer's blue balls.

Okay.  I know. I can see the flippin clock.  I have seven minutes left to make a point, write that one sentence that will make even the manliest man swoon and maybe shed a tear.  The ladies?  Well, the ladies will just melt once they have taken in the one great sentence I now have only five and a half minutes to create.

So I am going to incorporate an exercise  - a writing exercise into the already full to the brim morning routine.  I am going to attempt to make myself write for ten minutes straight each day.  Whether I continue to write is but a bonus.  At least I will have begun picking up where I left off so many months ago.

Given my less than stellar record of seeing things through, especially things that have only me to over see, I am not holding out much hope..........Nah.  Let's face it.  Good intentions are easy to have, it's the follow up that separates those who do from flounders like me who usually don't.

Well, times up.  That one great phrase will have to wait it's turn.



BBC said...

I just write about my life and experiences and my thoughts on the world at large based on my life and experiences.

Hell, I'm five hundred posts behind.

Tom Harper said...

"Writer's blue balls," LOL.

I read somewhere a long time ago that the best way to write something is to just start writing. Get something written down. Anything. Write 'til you've filled a page (or computer screen) or two. No matter now Godawful it is, now you've got something to revise. And rewriting/revising is always easier than coming up with something out of the blue.

Anonymous said...

Crummy, you old goober bastard, you write like real good so keep like, you know, like doing it.