Monday, January 10, 2005

News of the Day

I was playing with some of the cats tonight during the 11:00 news. More absorbed teasing them with the red laser light than what the newscasters were talking about, I almost missed out on an odd occurence that may be the harbinger of things to come. It seems that a young fellow somewhere, I did not catch where, has offered up on Ebay, advertising space on his forehead. For 30 days he will wear any ad on his forehead. As I watched the piece unfold, I thought this guy really needs to get a life, a job, something. What a nimrod I thought. But as the piece finished with, "And the bidding so far is up to $14,000", I had to reevaluate my quick judgement. Apparently, some serious consideration is being made by businesses looking for that hook that will get their name in front of everyone else's.

I still think the guy's a bit whacky. But whacky like a fox possibly. Where else can your average 20 year old make $14,000 for a month's work? And if it catches on, be assured of future engagements of similar income potential? The kid ought to ride this one as far as he can.

And what of the spin off possibilities? Hiring G-Stringed bimbos down to Miami Beach with "Lipo this" or "Enlarge These" emblazoned on various tasty bits of their anatomies. And then provide a web or phone contact in smaller print to ensure that closer look.

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sprinkle4 said...

Wow....My husband is almost bald. I'm wondering how much he could make. Probably a mint!