Friday, January 21, 2005

More Blogging Notes

When I went about creating this blog, I figured it for nothing more than a place to display my incredibly average prose and hopefully entertain occaisionally. Certain I would be inundated with hits, I would have to fight off all those clamoring to comment on the witty and insighful twist I put on Life in my neck of the woods.

Reality is the great equalizer. Reality breaks through the fantasy and drops you in the dirt. 2 months into it and now I realize I am one small voice in a din of voices all trying to be heard. An uncontrolled mob of disimilar viewpoints, sending the same message, "Listen to me, I am important too."

In some blogs I can feel the frustration of the bloggers as they attempt to reach out and touch someone. Tyler Hamilton (not the bicycle pro) has commented on this frustration. He has been at this longer than I. Sprinkle just posted a one liner "Hello, the echo in here is really loud." Yet they still continue to post. I am now beginning to understand. For me, just reading the words I have written is somehow comforting and satisfying. That I am sharing myself with others even though they lack interest, means I am trying to stay connected. And at some point, I am bound to connect with someone, somewhere and they will be touched by my words.

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