Thursday, January 06, 2005

Blog surfin

I surfed some blogs tonight. I hit each for a few moments hoping to have something catch my eye that would draw me in. I found the ones with black backgrounds annoying and only dawdled long enough to punch up the next one. Of the few I stopped and checked out, one was a fire breathing neo conservative who is most definitely in Bush's corner. My next stop brought me to a rather confused but egotiscal young gay fellow who hates his smile and was jealous of some boy in the first grade. One blog tried to get me interested in the poster's rookie fumblings as he became aquainted with the various nuances of HTML. A teacher assured me with her title that this was the year of the teacher. I found her site to be the most eye pleasing with post card shots of tropical hideaways in Thailand of all places. Given the current tsunami situation in that part of the world, I found the juxaposition interesting to say the least. But the sight that caught me and held my interest long enough to read a complete post ( and it was quite a long one) was Mandy's blog. Her reflections on her recent pregnancy were excellent. Some talent there, that's for sure. I wish I had book marked it.

One thing about these blogs. There are no rules. None. Nada. Not a one. Another interesting aspect is how completely open and honest the posts are. I never dreamed so many people would be willing to bare their souls in such numbers. It is extraordinary.

After reading the erratic and scattered thoughts of so many, I realize that what I am doing with mine fits right in. I sit down and write what comes to mind. Apparently so do umpteen million others.

I continued my surfing again struck by how creative and unusual the blogs were. Some in computer code were obviously not meant for my eyes, but for folks of a specific group who know the language of computers fluently enough to decipher all the squares,circles and other odd markings. Quite a few sites I felt too much emphasis was put on frills and not enough to content. I was quick to punch up the next site before the site I was on had settled in. Some of the blogs seem to be trying too hard to impress. But when you got past the visual and audio fluff, it was mundane crap like, "I hope Shane asks me to the Prom", or "do you believe so and so got released on waivers". Come on, that's stuff made for forums and instant messaging. I want meat not whipped cream. Give us that unique perspective all of us have inside. Everyone has something worth saying, w just need to let it out.

But then I realized. What I viewed as mundane and unimportant was anything but to the poster and probably some kindred spirits scattered out in the internet ether. Who am I to denigrate and scoff? I mean, look at what I put down. A Plain Jane site set up on a generic template. No Pix, No sound (thank God), and content that probably only soothes my ego and no one else's. I got pretty cocky there for a moment. Glad it passed and I realized I am nothing more and nothing less than those I pretend to judge.


sprinkle4 said...

Here's a couple that might interest you....or maybe not;-). (yep that's mine!)

Give em a whirl. If you don't like then you have only wasted five minutes of your existence, right?


Lyra said...

Love blog surfin once in a while. It brings me to interesting blogs such as yours! I'll link you up to mine if you don't mind.