Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My first comment. Yee Haw!

I received my first comment today. It was a positive comment. But to just have someone comment on something I wrote means at least two things.

1- People, other than myself, actually read these blogs. The comment reinforces my goal at attempting to keep pounding away.

2- Comments, negative and positive, mean what was written was interesting enough to cause the reader to react to it. All good in my opinion.

Since I am what is called a newbie in this blog culture, I have not figured out the ins and outs yet. I am sure that just pounding away commentary and nonsense is not going to enlighten me unless the commentary and nonsense is extraordinary in some respect. Either John Steinbeck quality or so awful folks cannot resist commenting. And since I have no illusions regarding my ability to strike chords with every word written, I am sure my education here will have to be self induced.

I spotted a link on some message board recently - (NOTE - I am not sure if this site is even real or if I have it typed correctly) I have yet to check it out. But by it's very existence, there appears to be a backlash in progress to all the useless and wasted words being laid down like these. Like the infinite numbers of message boards on every subject under the Sun, I am sure blogs are no different. The only difference being a blog is a chance to unload that which bothers you, intriques you, or puzzles you without the interfering instantaneous comments the message boards are fraught with. A blog allows us to compose at our liesure without worrying about losing the moment that so often happens in the forums world. A blog is not restricted by the arbitrary editing of moderators, some of whom have agendas they meet through deletions, banning, etc. No one can, as far as I know, edit or change my blog to suit their needs. Oh, I am sure there are hackers out there who can, but my blog would seem to be safe. My words of personal struggle and wisdom not worth their time or energy.

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