Saturday, March 25, 2023

I Don't laugh at Trump Anymore

I don't laugh at Trump anymore. Those days are over.  And what a shame. He has all the unintended characteristics of a buffoon who is clueless about how hilarious he is. But, I just don't laugh at him anymore. The depths of his immorality, sleaze, over the top narcissism and absolute no compassion for anyone other than himself overwhelm any other of his humorous flaws. 

Yes, Trump has transcended the funny days when his moronic behavior made the country laugh uproariously at his "Look at me" antics. 

He is just not funny anymore. He is not an asshole anymore. He is not a clown in charge of a political gaggle of clowns. No, he has finally found his calling; He is evil incarnate; the most treacherous and vicious American politician ever. If he can't have us, he will burn down the country in order to take us with him. 

He is even more dangerous now than before he lost the election to Joe Biden. Sadly, his loss only wounded him. Some of us hoped it was politically, a mortal wound. Some of us hoped it would bring on some kind of medical calamity that would usher him six feet under. But no. Someone like Trump is hard to kill, figuratively anyway.

I had successfully managed to find a dark rank and rancid corner in my mind to keep him and his stupidity safely out of the way.  He was no longer  taking up much space in my head. The onslaught of reckless and often unintelligible hysteria that spewed out of his pie hole had almost gone silent. His position as "Eye Sore #One" had slipped. People were beginning to ignore him.  We were seeing a life without Trump and we liked what we saw.

Now he is back and again poisoning the nation's political rhetoric that had begun to mellow some. More than ever, he is obviously desperate to again be on everyone's mind whether they love him or hate him. He saw his irrelevancy coming and it scared the beejesus out of him.

He is a different Trump now. He is a Trump who has done battle, lost dramatically, and because he still draws a breath, is not willing to go quietly into the night. In his desperation to reclaim that which he feels was stolen from him, he has shed almost any of the token veneer of decency he tried to fool us with seven yeras ago. If we choose to look now, we can see what he was the whole time; A third rate two-faced huckster pretending to be the man of everyone's dreams.

I am hoping this will be one of my last posts about Trump. I will again try to stuff him in my forget-um sack and get back to paying attention to my life and not his. Before I go though, I wanted to share four of my favorite Trump images/cartoons.

Keep it 'tween the ditches ....................................


Instead of reinforcing the negative vibes I woke up with this A.M., I decided a happy tune was needed. Immediately the lyrics, "Don't Worry, Be Happy" ran through my mind. When this song came out so many years ago, I liked it well enough, but it came across as a sappy, feel good tune in the face of what was a serious world fraught with danger. ........... Hmm.

Now however, many years later, we are faced with an even more serious and dangerous world. Maybe a song like this is what I need; maybe what the World needs. 

Anyway, here is a version of Bobby Mcferrin's tune by world wide cover groups from "Playing for Change" . The song is still sappy, but now, sappy may be what we need. Sappy works when Kids sing it. They remind us of what we once were and what we might think of being again.......

For the album art, I made this collage of screenshots of some of the folks, large and small, who helped with this song. From the mouths of babes ........................


peppylady (Dora) said...

If he is on the ballot in Idaho, he will win. This guy is scary. But his cult followers are a lot more scarier.
Coffee is on and stay safe.

The Blog Fodder said...

He is one scary dangerous person and his followers more so. We are headed for violent times. The number of people in western Canada that support him is hard to believe

PriyankUnikart said...
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yellowdoggranny said...

absolutely scariest person on the earth.