Sunday, January 15, 2012

The NFL, Hookers, and Serial Killers

FOOTBALL WARNING - If you don't want to suffer my crazed football fan remarks, observations, and opinion on the current NFL playoffs, then skip this first part.

Last night I got home from the bike shop tuckered, beat,  just plain tired and worn out.  The first divisional game of the day between the 49ers and the Saints was well  into the 2nd quarter.  I sat down on the couch and immediately knew I was in trouble.  Uh oh.  Better pull out the Rally Rocker or I'll pass out and miss the night game later I really wanted, no needed to watch.  Without me in focused attention, my Pats would somehow find a way to lose in the post season for the fourth time in a row.  It was absolutely imperiative I be awake so my positive vibes could travel from me through the dimension such waves travel and settle into the collective Karma of the New England Patriots.

So I sat up, got up and went to the fridge.  Gearing up and reving up for such an important human event, I needed sustenance...........Ah Good - three 12 oz Papsts and one Shipyard.  I cracked a Papst and headed back into the living room.  Found my Rally Rocker and moved it front stage and center.  Sat down and watched one of the best five minutes of football I have seen in quite awhile.

Though the Saints never panicked eventualy catching up and then for a moment or two surged ahead, San Francisco was not going to be denied.  The Saints were out.  Shit.  I was sure the Saints were headed to the Super Bowl.  Oh well, guess it is a good thing I am not an oddsmaker.

Ate some supper.  My wife's fish dish as we call it is one of my favorites.  The evening is moving along just swell.  Full but not uncomfortable, I move back into the living room with a fresh beer just in time for kick off down at Gilette Stadium.  The Pats received.  This made me nervous.  All year they had been kicking off first.  I need not have worried.  3 minutes later they scored the first of the six touchdowns  they would notch on their belts this night.  They put their foot on the throat of Denver early and never took it off.  Tebow found no help from above.  The Patriots Defense shut him down hard.  The boys with the big pants finally came to play a complete game.  Hope they keep it up.

2nd Part

Seems the Republican docu-comedy  thinly veiled as real life serious business has just had more comedy added to make sure the laughs don't stop any time soon.

Apparently the employees of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch , Bar and Brothel near Carson City, Nevada have decided to throw their Double D support behind Ron Paul.  I always wondered what hookers did when not on the c.........uh job.  It only makes sense when you think about it.  As libertarian a candidate who has ever come down America's pike, Rob Paul would be a natural draw for the folks who derive their livelihood pushing sin and damnation.  Evil loves no rules.  ...........Hmm........... Now that I think of it, Evil seems to love rules too, what with it hiding so well under the label Good.  And now that I really think about the notion of Good and Evil, well, hookers don't even enter my equation even though they must certainly rub the righteous the wrong way.  And we all know it is Evil to rub the righteous the wrong way.

And then on the other side of this great land with it's waves of grain and apple pies cooling in kitchen windows from Omaha to Wichita, it appears the Right's favorite whipping boy, good ole Mitt, is now being attacked as a serial killer.  Stephen Colbert, the dark dark horse Republican candidate for President has launched an attack ad aimed at Mitt and his tenure as head dude at Bain.  I am not sure I followed Colbert's logic very well, but then I don't follow the Right's logic that well these past few decades..

Which brings me full circle back to where I began...................Football.  Something tangible with rules everyone follows.  There is a beginning, an end and sometimes great drama in between.  Politics never ends because it never began.  It was always here and fuckin with my mind.  No matter what good sense dictates, the pols, they love to embrace that which makes no fuckin sense.  Maybe if the NFL made the rules, we could all have a beer sit down and root for one team instead of booing them all.

Anyway, that's the way it is today..........I gotta go....more football to watch.


The Blog Fodder said...

And we all know it is Evil to rub the righteous the wrong way.

Of course. The righteous get to define evil, don't you know.

BBC said...

I'm watching Lonesome Dove, fuck football.

Randal Graves said...

Slayer once crooned that evil has no boundaries. Neither does the suckitude of our prognostication abilities.

yellowdoggranny said...

you know me..I was glued to the tv through all 4 games..the San Francisco New Orleans game was one of the best football games of all times..I don't like to say the Saints lost..I like to say they ran out of time..Because if they had more time..the score would have changed again..both teams were amazing..I was particularly happy cause I had taken S.F. and 3 1/2 points..same with the Houston Baltimore game took Houston and 71/2 points..won by 1/2 point..I am 6-2 for the damn

Kulkuri said...

Just because Ron Paul is against wars(Iraq, Afghanistan, Drugs) doesn't make him a libertarian(neither small l or large L), he's just a cheap bastard that doesn't want to pay for these government programs. He's a Grover Norquist-type FuckingRepublican.

If one of those hookers at the Bunny Ranch got knocked up, Ron Paul wouldn't allow her to get an abortion!! Ron Paul is a so-called small government FuckingRepublican if it's for business, but big government in our bedrooms and every room in our lives.

As for football, saw the Pat's game from the middle of the third quarter on. Laughed my ass off at Tebow running in circles!! The 49ers-Saints game was interesting, for awhile thought neither one wanted to win, but the 49ers stumbled to a win. Was hoping to see them on the "Frozen Tundra of Lambeau", but no such luck. My Packers lost to the Fucking Giants!! Nuff said.

Tom Harper said...

Yes, Mitt Romney IS a serial killer. Look at all the corporations he's bought and destroyed. And corporations are people. Therefore...