Sunday, May 28, 2023

The Red Bench & Other Thoughts

I posted a meme the other day on Facebook. It spotlighted a red bench an elementary school used to help children who were new to the school, anxious, or just lonely. The idea was that a child who felt down would sit on the bench and soon, another kid would ask them to play, talk, whatever. That child's discomforts would be alleviated through the support of their peers. And its presence helped the other kids understand what empathy was and the positive results of using it. 
I mentioned in my comment that a Red Bench at a few of the many schools I attended might have helped me when I was young. 

Then on "Morning Joe" I heard that Missouri Senator, Josh Hawley, another despicable Republican from the cesspool that is the GOP, has written a new book, Manhood: The Masculine Virtues America Needs . In it, he blames the "Epicurean Liberals" for, well everything bad and the Bible Thumpin Right for all that is good. All in all, just more Left is Bad, Right is Good partisan garbage that does not stand up to scrutiny.

The image of "Run Away Josh" evoking tough guy talk and at the same time claiming to be a victim somehow did not compute for me. All I see is Sen.Hawley captured on film hightailing it out of Congress on January 6, 2021. A book about Masculinity written by a holier than thou wimp does not seem like a page turner. 

His claims are being run through the twisted filters of his loyal fringe Right brethren; helping convince these Wingin Whackos on the Right, that the Left is intent on emasculating the manly men of America to further their evil Space Lasering Feminization of this country that, which by the way, was born of the blood of Men, not women. Women were there of course, but only to cook, clean and sew for the boys while they crossed the Delaware River and shot shit up like real men are prone to do.

The manly Josh contends the Democrats' Extremist Feminization of our country is destroying Masculinity in American men. 

This very real and complicated issue is totally distorted by him and his handlers to serve his and his handler's political purposes. The answer is not simple, yet Josh Hawley would have us believe it is. He is doing more harm than good. Of course that seems to be the GOP plan -  "Do More Harm than Good."

So what does a red bench have to do with "Run Away Josh" and his sad excuse of a political party?

Well .......... I have thought about that red bench often since I first heard of it. I really believe, had I had one available to me as a kid, some of the hate and discontent I felt and received as the new kid might have been avoided.

And then I watch the GOP and the Right acting like bullies and I think, most of them could probably have used a red bench themselves when they were kids. Being a bully is a childish response to emotional issues and a sad way to go through adulthood. Feeling intensely victimized like they do indicates a life time of feeling marginalized by their own self inflicted fears. They are afraid and think all of us should be afraid also.

Ya'll have a good day now .................................


I hope Chicago's fine cover of Bo Diddley's song, "I'm A Man" fits somewhat with the post. 

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peppylady (Dora) said...

Maybe every community could use one. Even for grown ups.
Coffee is on, and stay safe.