Monday, March 07, 2016

Toss the GOP Out On It's ..........

................... Ear.

And when we have done that, start kicking the Democrats out.

I only give the GOP priority at this point in our political history, as they have done more harm recently than the Democrats.

And I am not talking about this current Presidential election.  This recent campaign just points up how dysfunctional the whole system has become.  If we want to re-claim any semblance of the democratic process, we need to rid ourselves of the two party system as it currently stands.  These two parties have colluded over the years and rigged the division of power so that only they wield the big sticks.  And behind the scenes the same uber elite class pulls the strings for both.

So I propose we kick out every Republican holding any elected office of any kind.  Particularly the elected officials in legislatures at the state and national level.  Do not let them get away with the excuse that it was not they who did this or that, it was their predecessor, or the opposing side or lay the blame on a bureaucracy the system they are part of put in positions of power.  Make them responsible for the stupidity their party has practiced over the last two decades.  Hell, if I had my way, I'd make them pay for pushing Ronnie into our lives in 1980.

What we have in this country is not the Right / Left ideological struggle the two parties have created.  It is really a Class War based on economic standing.  Ideology matters little to the leadership of either party when it comes to serving the whims of their rich benefactors who are very comfortable and cozy living their lives in the shadows.

This cozy arrangement is nothing new.  The influence of the rich has been part of political history forever.  A country can handle a certain amount of it, but there is a tipping point.  We are approaching that tipping point.  Often, when the rich get out of hand or try to control too much, the resulting kick back is not just change, but catastrophic failure and downfall of the existing social and political system.  History is chock full of examples.

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BBC said...

Throughout history every so often some of the rich has had to be killed to get things back in order again. I guess it is the only way you can get their attention.

Not really much difference between a republican and a democrat, just bullshit and smoke screens. Well, one side does like guns more than the other.

Kulkuri said...

We need to make the GOP the Whigs of the 21st century and then work on the Dems.

One of the ways of fixing the system is to do preferential voting. Where you list your first, second, third and so on choices. That would give other parties more of a chance to get elected. Then again people would actually have to think about who to vote for, so that idea wouldn't fly!!


if the size of your dick makes you a good candidate, I'm pretty sure Bill Clinton would still be president..

BBC said...

I'm guessing that Obama has a bigger dick than Bill, I've seen blacks naked when I was in the Navy and some of them are really hung.

PipeTobacco said...

I am kind of hoping Trump is the Republican nominee. It would serve to highlight the hypocracy of our current politics. I may be perhaps too naive to believe he would get elected. I keep thinking if he were the nominee, it would be easy for Hillary to win, which would be better for the nation (though by no means good). There really is no one who would be great, but a Clinton/Sanders ticket, if it won could be better than anything else we have at the moment! So, that is what I am hoping for.


BBC said...

"There really is no one who would be great, but a Clinton/Sanders ticket, if it won could be better than anything else we have at the moment!" Um, okay.

Ol'Buzzard said...

We need term limits, a small salary and no benefits or retirement. Then people serious about serving the country, instead of a career as a politician, would run for office. Of course this could never happen because it would have to be passed by Congress. As Yellowdog Granny says: we're fucked.
the Ol'Buzzard

BBC said...

"We need term limits," No we don't cuz if we did get a good leader we would have to let him/her go.

Tom Harper said...

I couldn't agree more, that we need to vote out every one of these bought-and-paid-for "elected" politicians. But the Catch 22 is: will enough voters wake up, start seeing through the corporate/media propaganda, and then actually get off their couches and go to the voting booth?

Widespread public apathy and gullibility (like you were talking about in your previous post) is what created and reinforced this political mess we're all in. Will we (collectively) wake up, figure out what we have to do, and then actually do it?

PipeTobacco said...

Pragmatically, someone of the big four will be elected , unfortunately. Of Trump, Rubio, Clinton, & Sanders, if one will be elected, I am of the belief that Clinton (perhaps with Sanders as a running mate). Will do the least harm. Not a glowing endorsement, but it is what I feel would be best.


MRMacrum said...

BBC - No, not much difference that matters between the GOP & the Dems. "Smoke & Mirrors" is a great way to describe the way the American voter is treated.

Kulkiri - I think just removing the stranglehold the two main parties have on the Primary Process would go a long way to bring more equity to the process of voting.

Jackiesue - Well, I guess that leaves me out of the running.

Pipe Tobacco - I can only fall back on our experience with voting in "the guy no one thought had a snowball's chance". Governor "Grand Wizard" Lepage, a darling of the Tea Party set sleazed into office with sizably less than a majority of the electorate behind him. Some dumb ass ran as an Independent and sucked more votes from the Dem side then the Right. Lepage i s an embarrassment, a lousy leader, and a liar of the first water. So, I will never say Trump has no chance. It happened to us here in Maine. Not once, but twice in a row.

I second your notion that the best we could expect might possibly be a Hillary/Bernie tag team in office.

Ol'Buzzard - We already have term limits. Requiring them by law just removes more of the responsibility of voting off the shoulders of the electorate. And besides, BBC's point is well taken, if a state likes it's reps, then they should be able to keep them in office.

Tom Harper - I would guess at least a few more would get off the couch. But in the long run, it will be the same voters who have been voting right along who will wield the power.