Thursday, March 10, 2016

It's Never Been This Bad


I hear political comments like this more and more about the sad state, the nation and the World are in.   If most were talking about the rest of the World, then they might have a leg to stand on.  But when it comes to political, social, and religious issues, the citizens of the US really need to take a friggin breath.  Other parts of the World are enduring serious heartbreaking and dangerous situations.  Here in the States, we have it made.  Our piss ant issues pale in comparison to the events unfolding in half the World at least..

It has most certainly been worse here in our past and not that long ago.  In spite of ourselves, this country manages to stumble in the right direction in many ways.  When I think about some of the misguided and evil policies fostered on our citizens in the last century, and then see what is going on outside our shores, I realize that for all my skepticism, the USA is not a bad place to be stuck in.  Wrongs get Righted here, even it feels like pulling teeth.

No matter what area of social injustice you might care to look, the US has been a leader of the pack or close behind in addressing those injustices.  Righting wrongs was and will  always be messy and results often mixed at first.  But once the change has had a chance to really settle into the collective mindset, then down the road we will consider the firestorm that resolved it as just another footnote in our progess to find true civilization.

That's what's on my mind this AM........ Later


Nasreen Iqbal said...

I agree. I mean, we should always expect better from our country and our leaders. Always. But to act like the country is in shambles is obnoxious, really. What era or place would you rather live in?

Jono said...

It really is like pulling teeth and it is a long, slow process, but it does proceed. Often three steps forward and two steps back, but even with this much diversity it is still progress.