Friday, November 30, 2012

Why Does America Hate Itself?

Not sure why I even started this post.  But, I do feel obligated to move on after being assaulted by Internet.  Shit happens.  We deal with it and move on.  I am moving on.

I will admit that for a few days I toyed with turning off the fun parts of my Internet usage and going back to Business related use only.  I once more stepped out into the wilds and had another taste.  I was once again reminded just how brainless and mean the anonymous of the Internet can be.  Oh well.

I was also a bit down because of the intense hatred I have found across the Internet waves that America has for itself.  We have allowed ourselves to let ideologies and the differences between them divide us like I have never seen before.  The United States of America is populated at the moment by a large number of very angry people.  While the reasons vary, the anger is intense on both sides of the political spectrum.  I am no different.  But I guess admitting and owning my anger is a good first step to that wonderful level of bliss I call "I don't give a damn."

In order for me to move closer to my bliss point, I have decided to try to avoid being angry.   I say "try", because I gotta say, there is plenty to be angry about.  But being angry without moving to resolve that anger is just getting all worked up for the sake of getting worked up.  So from today on and into the future (at least the next week or so) I will not type a word in anger.

Yeah right.

If I can reduce my stress based on fruitless anger, maybe I can find some of the root causes for the hate America has for itself.  There are the obvious reasons that many, some, or a few people might keep in their quiver of things to be angry about.  Things like the lousy economy, feelings of persecution based on any number of stupid reasons, anger over losing, winning, or just that that black guy is still our president.  Most of the things I am angry about, I have no way of changing as an individual.  All I can do is identify that which pisses me off and address the things I can actually have some sway over.  My first task will be to control my anger.  A good first step I am thinking.  Once the anger is brought back to a reasonable level, maybe I can once again work with other like minded folks and as a group move things in a positive direction.

When it comes right down to it, we do live in a wonderful country.  Yeah, we have our problems, our stupidity, but for the most part, we seem to make it work in the end.  As bad as I think it is here, all I have to do is consider that I could be trying to post this from almost anywhere else in the world under much tougher conditions than I have right now. 



Tom Harper said...

I agree things probably aren't any better anywhere else. I spent two years out of the country in the '70s, traveling all over Europe and Asia. I liked almost every place I went, but I came back.

BBC said...

I love this country, but most of the people are idiots. I'm just going to kick back for a month and watch the freak show.

BBC said...

What was it Bill Maher said? Something like, "I love you America, you're fucking idiots."

Or something like that.

Randal Graves said...

I hear Kamchatka is nice this time of year.

The Blog Fodder said...

Kamchatka is awesome any time of year.

MRMacrum said...

Tom Harper - If I am honest with myself, living in the US is probably about as good as it gets or as bad as it gets. We all seem to create our own Heaven or Hell.

BBC - I find the people who piss and moan the most seem to have the greatest affection for the US. And for sure, taken as a group, we Americans can certainly be high grade idiots.

Randal Graves - Kamchatka huh? I knew you were a damn communist.

Blog Fodder - Well considering wher eyou live, that evil commie influence cannot be avoided.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Send the Anonymous to the junk mail and delete them without reading.

Life is too short to worry about mean people - besides that mean people have tiny little dicks...that's why they are mean.

the Ol'Buzzard

A Midnight Rider said...

As I heard in the closing line of the movie "Killing Me Sofly";
"America isn't a country, it's a fucking business".