Monday, November 05, 2012


When I replay in my mind the escapades, events, interactions, and altercations of my past, I only remember the events.  The moments in between have been discarded. I am guessing they still exist in some locked overfilled binder labeled "filler time".   Those empty moments are no longer retrievable.  I assume in my case there is only so much room up there in the void between my ears to store shit and empty moments remembered would just be cluttering up a smaller space than the average human carts around on their shoulders.

The other day I called a bike shop customer who lives near my house.  I had hauled his repaired bike to my house the other day to save him having to go into town to pick it up.  No problem, I do it often.  I'm coming home anyway.  He told me he would be right up.

I am not sure what "be right up" meant to him.  All I know is hang around for someone who might need 5 minutes to "be right up"and they still have not made it after 30 minutes, well it became clear to me his notion of "be right up" did not dovetail cleanly into my notion of "be right up".

While I cooled my heels until he showed I considered just how much time I had spent waiting during the last 60 years.  And because any time waiting falls into the category of "filler time", it never made it to the hard drive in my brain.  An accurate accounting of any time I have spent waiting is not going to happen.  I did determine though after considering all the ways one can wait, I spent a good portion of my time on this planet waiting.  The number of things I have waited on seem infinite.

I have waited for things to begin.  I have waited for things to end.  And once past the waiting for things to begin but before waiting for things to end I have sometimes waited for that thing to resume after having paused for one reason or another.

I have waited for people to show up.  I have waited for people to leave.  I have waited for people to speak.  I have waited for them to shut the Hell up.  I have waited for deliveries, mail, and the occasional email not sent to me robo style.

I have waited in line.  I have waited to get to that line so I can get in line.  I have waited to go to the bathroom.  I have waited occasionally for something to happen once I got to that bathroom stall.  I have waited for pots to boil, burgers to grill, and fish frying in a pan.  And don't get me started about waiting for traffic lights to change.  Once I began thinking about it, I have spent more time in my life waiting than actually doing.

Kinda diminishes the grand impression of what I have to show for existing 60 years on this rock.  Too bad I had to wait 60 years before I figured it out.



jadedj said...

Having been on the planet slightly longer than ye, I can say you are lucky indeed...I am still waiting for the figured it out part.

The Blog Fodder said...

Be right up can mean in 5 minutes or today or this week.

One time I calculated how much time I spent at gas stations filling my vehicle. I think it was 24 hours but can't remember over what time frame.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Right now i am waiting for my wife to get ready so we can go into town.

i spend a lot of time waiting for my wife to get ready.
the Ol'Buzzard

John Myste said...

I viewed blogs because I was waiting for a database restore to complete. I was happy to get the time to do something else. Was. I am now depressed.

Randal Graves said...

Thanks to you not employing that diabolical Captcha crap, I don't have to wait to comment.

BBC said...

Where in the hell did you find that picture at? It goddamn sure wasn't taken at a Walmart, there's no fucking fat people in it.

BBC said...

Hell, it's impossible that that picture was taken in America.