Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger wrote the other day on a forum I stupidly visited:

Sorry. I am a hopelessly independent minded Patriotic Constitutionalist Christian Conservative Republican partisan and the t(h)reat of death will not change that. (To be forever open minded is admitting you can not come to conclusions on anything and stick with them. In other words no moral compass.)


What brought me up short was not that The Lone Ranger is God fearin Bible thumper of the first water.  I have run into them before.  What caught my eye was his definition of what being open minded is.  I struggled to find a respectful reply that showed just enough disrespect so it was obvious I thought the guy was full of BS.

I ask now if my answer will fit the bill.  Too much?  Not enough of too much?  Or just right?

My Answer to The Lone Ranger

How should I interpret this?   Should I look at it as an open minded reader or use my moral compass and conclude that since you feel hopelessly independent, you really are not the happy go lucky guy all your posts indicate you are and never will be because you have reached a conclusion on this issue?    Or should I just ask you if all that starch itches? ............Nah.  I'll keep my open mind and you keep yours closed so that moral compass continues pointing you hopelessly in the only direction that makes sense for you.  Whatever it takes to get you through the day.........Oops, sorry.  Didn't mean to get all open minded on you.  My moral compass must be acting up.

I checked the Lone ranger's bio page and looked through his answers to a bunch of other questions this site asks.  Turns out Ranger Man is a complicated fellow/woman, uh whatever.  He's rock solid for the right wing agenda, but leans some in the libertarian direction when the issue is not clearly laid out in his Mormon version of the Bible.  He does not come off as a lunatic, but his inflexible mindset indicates he might be one.  He does not rise to trolling so I am assuming he has had some experience at the forum game.

A worthy adversary?  No.  I decided  he is just another person who is wrong on the Internet.  I am sure he would be proud though that I finally found my moral compass and came to a conclusion.



Ol'Buzzard said...

He is not worth a reply. the conservative Christian far right are beyond reason - their mind is directed by this compass that ignores facts and logic. they have been in the bubble for so long they are incapable of seeing the world outside and making decisions other than those guided by their pastor and Fox News.
the Ol'Buzzard

Tom Harper said...

"To be forever open minded is admitting you can not come to conclusions on anything and stick with them."

When I saw that, I was thinking "Aha, an undecided voter."

Mr. Charleston said...

Under that definition, as much as he flip flops Romney is a radical progressive. But, for maximum impact, your answer needs to be one sentence. So therefore, my moral compass leads me to one conclusion, your answer is too much, but a good read none-the-less.

BBC said...

Not sure I have a moral compass, but I damn sure have a lot of opinions about how things should be, and sometimes I change those opinions based on how I now see things.

BBC said...

One thing I don't change my mind about is these fucking religions, they're all a pain in the ass.

Kulkuri said...

“Rational arguments don’t usually work on religious people. Otherwise there would be no religious people.”
- Gregory House, M.D. Season 4 Episode 2 The Right Stuff

Trying to have a rational debate with a bible-banger is like teaching a pig to dance, it's a waste of your time and annoys the pig!!

MRMacrum said...

Ol'Buzzard - I guess. But if we don't try where does that leave us? With a taller fence between us than we had before.

Tom Harper - LOL. Yeah, that shoe seems to fit.

Mr. Charleton - But then my addiction to long winded replies would end up unsatisfied.

BBC - You make me laugh. You cut through the bullshit with a big knife. You will never be a diplomat, but then I think you know that.

Kulkiri - But shouldn't both sides at the least attempt to have civil debate?