Saturday, November 24, 2012

Petty Jerkwads

A loser or gang of losers have been trying to hijack my Facebook and Twitter account.  I have not used either for like forever.  Matter of fact I think I have tweeted maybe twice.  And I forgot I even had a Facebook page until the emails started coming.

At first I was, "Who the Hell cares?  Never use them anyway."  But then I got angry.  That did me no good either.  And now I figure that if an insignificant human such as myself has become the target of low life assholes who use a computer to prove how macho they are, then I can only assume they have run out of more important people to bother.


There is a price one pays I guess for using one's real name on the WWW.

What makes me chuckle though is this recent series of attacks comes on the heels of my participation once again in a political forum.  And because I have been packing my political views more to the Left than the Right in recent years, I assume it was a Winger who is trying to intimidate me by attacking me from behind.  I am fairly sure I know who (well their internet persona anyway) is behind it.  They have made it a point that they know my name and that I have a daughter.

Frankly I just do not care.  I have my opinions.  I express my opinions.



Randal Graves said...

More evidence of why one should have little faith in humanity. So many turn into assholes when they don't have to say or do anything face-to-face.

Nan said...

Warning, sarcasm ahead:

Wow. Whoever is trying to intimidate you is really a super sleuth at cyber stalking. I wonder what type of esoteric expertise it took for that person to figure stuff out that you mention on a regular basis on your blog?

I guess when so many of the trolls post using ridiculous pseudonyms, they assume every else is as paranoid and secretive as they are. They don't know how to deal with anyone whose life is basically an open book.

MRMacrum said...

Randal Graves - And yet I still continue to look for some kind of sign humanity deserves some kind of faith other than what comes out of a book of parables.

Nan - What is truly interesting now is that the person I thought was doing it probably is not. That person's personality changed overnight. I imagine their account was successfully hacked and their handle hijacked. Somehow at least to this point, mine seems okay. But I did make some jerk wad angry. That's for sure.

I am fairly sure I would not have needed the sarcasm warning coming from you. But I do thank you for the thought. You are as up front as anyone I have met out here in loonyville.

BBC said...

You'll just make yourself nuts in politics and can't fix anything anyway.

Take a break, THIS LADY IS WAY TOO FUNNY. Watch all eight..

BBC said...

When you think someone is trying (or have) to hack into your accounts change your passwords.

Anyway, it's my opinion that political forums are a wasted exercise where you think you are talking to idiots that think you're an idiot.

Instead of that you might better spend that time communicating to politicians, not that I think that will do any good either, the clusterfuck is going to remain a clusterfuck.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Macrum;

I'm deeply apologizing for the sins I've made against you. It's wrongfully to attack people and not feel the fault of doing so. I'm saying sorry to all of you from the forums (MRCrum, IraqWarVeteran, Mimi57, DARSB) for the set ups and attacks. I will seek a forgiveness from you and all of those affected!
Thank you so much, Mr. Macrum

Tom Harper said...

Maybe soon there'll be some technological advances: When a person is insulting or threatening somebody else on a blog or forum, that person's name, address, phone number and a recent photo will appear on the screen of the person they're attacking.

Ditto for somebody who's trying to hack someone else's computer or personal accounts.

BBC said...

For what it's worth, you can rest assured that if I ever insult you that you will know who is insulting you. :-)

Gorilla Bananas said...

I prefer visual insults to verbal ones. It's so boring to listen to some bronzo drone on - I'd rather look at a baboon's butt.

Ol'Buzzard said...

I don't have a face book or twitter account, and don't need one. Don't know how, too old to learn, don't give a fuck.
Keep it in perspective: they probably can't get laid and have nothing better to do.
the Ol'Buzzard

Demeur said...

I had fakebook only once for about three days when somebody hacked it. So I don't do the facey tweety thing.

I'd sure like to know what you said to get somebody's panties in such a big bunch though.

I remain anonymous for national security reasons. I could tell you about it but then I'd have to kill us both.

MRMacrum said...

BBC - You are right. Talking politics with strangers on the Internet is an indication one wants to be driven insane. But, but, but well, sometimes I just cannot resist when I see how wrong folks are. I mean I have all the answers. And they are all the correct ones.

And to answer your comment on the fact that if you insult me, I will know who it is. Absolutely. Neither you nor I are taking any real pains to hide our identities. But insulting me is never a problem for me. It is when the people I love are insulted I get my panties in a bunch.

Anonymous - It's just silly to get so worked up you go after someone's passwords. Get a grip.

Tom Harper - I would love for everyone to use their real names and take responsibility for the things they say. I chose to use my name so I am not tempted to say things I do not mean. Also by using my real name it forces me to be at least civil in most back and forth Internet communication.

Gorilla Bananas - I dunno. Insults through clever wordplay can be damn entertaining. But I do agree the use of crass and vulgar insults is boring and tedious.

Ol'Buzzard - Oh, I have some perspective. I just thought it was funny someone was so upset with my opinion, they felt the need to go after me behind my back.

Demeur - I would also like to know specifically what I said that set someone off. I will say I can be very nasty with my subtle insults. I often bait just for the fun of baiting. A character flaw? Perhaps, but trolling was skill I developed from the many dinner conversations around our dinner table when I was a kid.

BBC said...

Every so often I'm reminded to think like George Carlin and simply not give a fuck, just watch the freak show.

MRMacrum said...

BBC - Yeah, Carlin had it all figured out. Just watch the freak show indeed.