Friday, November 02, 2012

Dark Thirty Delirium

Biorhythms, Life cycles, different phases, disrupted routines, stress, regrets, or just maybe something I ate. Been there, done that and have become very weary of that.

Whatever it is, I hoped I had left it behind me.  Apparently not.  I have recently become an insomniac again.  Maybe now my mind is in sync with Greenwich Time across the big pond  while my body tries hard to make it through the day here in Eastern Standard Time.  I fall asleep around 8:00 PM and wake up between 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM.  Going on a couple of weeks now I guess and it is not making me any more pleasant during the day.  I am not grumpy or caustic really.  I am just not completely engaged in the day like everyone else.  Thoughts are gather slowly if at all.  My eye lids weigh heavy as they struggle to perform the wide eyed bushy tailed facade I need for that cheerful small retailer schtick I use on a day to day basis.

Anyway, waking up and being awake with nothing to do while I wait for the Sun to catch up has enabled me to relive all that wee hour channel surfing I have been missing out on.

I went through my infomercial phase.  And though I purchased nothing I now know where I can get anything I never knew I wanted for $19.95 and for a small handling charge, oftentimes they will send two for the price of one.

I went through a sports phase, mostly the NFL channel.  Seems there really is not much more to glean from watching "NFL Total Access" more than once a day.  Or more than once a week for that matter.  But at least there is no political talk or even any political commercials.  And that's odd.  Every other channel out there is over the top chock full of back to back thirty second political spots.

I spent some time trying to get jiggy with my feminine side and spent a few hours watching the various girly channels.  I notice Oprah is still black and Dark Shadows is still alive and well at the bottom of the cable channel pool.   Sadly, I don't think my sensitivity to the emotions of others or myself has been improved much.  At sixty years old, I am thinking that horse left the barn a long long time ago.

Just when I thought early morning cable had nothing to offer, I scrolled by the Chillz Channel and just caught the word "Zombie" as I skipped past.  Backing up and highlighting the channel I saw that "Zombie Women of Satan" had just started.  Oh goody.  Zombies are cool, especially hot zombies who happen to be women.  I tuned in and before the first ax hit the first head, I passed out and missed the rest of it.

I guess I need to find a copy of that movie for those nights when sleep eludes me.



Mr. Charleston said...

Any old movie or TV western will do it for me. Must be something about the 60-cycle flicker in black and white.

I remember as a youngster whenever I would come home in the early dawn from a night out I would pass my grandfather's house and he would be awake, working at his desk. I asked him why he didn't sleep at night and his reply was simple, I don't need it.

You need less sleep as you get older. Maybe it's nature's way of telling you your days are numbered so enjoy more of them.

Ol'Buzzard said...

I usually read when I wake up at two in the morning - which I sometimes do. I started watching Zombie Women of Satan but turned it off when they fogged out the tits - If I am going to watch B-movie zombie women at least I should be able to see the tits and nipples.
the Ol'Buzzard

BBC said...

I'm just an internut whore so don't watch much movies, and no TV, but for some reason I've been sleeping better lately.

BBC said...

I think I'm becoming at peace with the world, in other words, accepting that it's a piece of shit.

BBC said...


MRMacrum said...

Mr Charleston - tell my eyelids I don't need as much sleep as I used.

Ol'Buzzard - Reading has a tendency to make me wide awake because when I pull a book off the shelf to read because I can't sleep, you can bet it ain't "War & Peace".

BBC - Yeah, the Internet is an option. But I can't lay down while I use it. The couch is set up strategically to allow a horizontal position that may allow me to pass out while the TV drones on as it always does.

Love the cartoon.

Randal Graves said...

There's nothing finer than C-grade horror fare at 3am on a grumbly stomach and a groggy noodle.

The Blog Fodder said...

War and Peace is a great book. All books put me to sleep which is why I read in bed. 20 to 30 pages is all I can handle. Currently working n Anna Karenina. NO Zombies, thanks.