Monday, February 06, 2012

Where Did Winter Go?

I seem to remember creating a post about the three sides of my brain.  Of course that must have been at least a week or longer ago.  Memories fade faster than they used to.

Anyway, I have become used to slow boring hours pass at the bike shop in January and February.  Winter in Maine tends to dampen the bike riding zeal but for a few diehards who generally do not need much in the way of bike parts and accessories.  So I sit and proverbially twiddle my thumbs.

Not this year.  The truly odd winter and its lack of snow accompanied by very low average temps has stirred the hibernating Mainer out of his/her den much sooner than they are used to.  Some are cranky.  Some are pleased.  But everyone it seems is confused.

"Oddest winter I can remember", said some old puckster still wearing his hunter orange cap with the flip down ear warmers.  "Born n' raised here in Maine and I never saw a winter like this one.  Might have to move back to "the County" just to get things back to normal"

"The County" is Aroostook County.  It is situated right at the top of Maine and just south of Canada.  "The County" is a special place, a region of mythical winter snowfall measured in feet and not inches.  Yet even they have had a mild winter.  I understand that country wide, it has been a strange one.

Of course I got off track from my original point.  That's okay, I don't mind.  The Bike Shop.  Yeah, the damn bike shop.

Whatever the reason, I have just had the busiest January at the bike shop I can remember.  My end of the month gross sales also indicated a screamer of a January.  To put it in perspective, I am usually very happy if I can make enough to cover the overhead.  I tripled it this last month.  Which meant I actually had to place orders, get product in, build bike stuff, like wheels, assemble bikes, fix bikes, blah, blah blah.  Before I knew it, I was working like it was July or something.

Enter February.  "Finally", I thought,"winter will get back to normal.  Anyone still interested in bike stuff will wait until March."  Wrong.  Last week was an extension of the first 5 weeks of the year.  Repairs coming in, repairs going out, special orders, and more than a couple of requests for custom build estimates.

Damn.  When's a guy gonna have time to screw the pooch?

If I have learned anything during the previous three years of hard economic times, it is that I absolutely have to go after the money the teases me ASAP.  Let it languish waiting for me to get off my ass, and it goes elsewhere very quick like.  And every buck counts in today's retailing world.



Kulkuri said...

Damn. When's a guy gonna have time to screw the pooch?
You'll never get to sell the puppies that way!!!

The Blog Fodder said...

Glad to hear you are busy. Maybe it is hard economic times are driving people to bikes? BBC ran an item about the skyrocketing sales of luxury jets to the uber rich. You are on the other end.

Mr. Charleston said...

No winter down here in Baja Georgia either. Now get back to work and quit wasting you time reading this blog.

Randal Graves said...

Working's for chumps.

okjimm said...

//I tripled it this last month//

oh oh oh... "Beer's are on Macrum"

BBC said...

Things sure are getting weird.


I've been married 3 times..I have perfected pooch screwing.

Kulkuri said...

Check this out for winter biking.

They cover the street with snow for the sled dog race, then play in the snow with bikes!!