Saturday, February 11, 2012


If ever there was proof that religion mixing in politics just screws things up, the recent dust up over contraception and the new health care law is all the proof we need.  Claiming that it is an issue of religious freedom and not contraception, the Republican pretenders to the throne are jumping on the bandwagon with warnings that Obama is trying to destroy religion and here's the proof.

If it is about religious freedom, then whose freedom is it about?  The faithful, who in massive droves practice contraception on a daily basis?  Or is it about the freedom of a backwards narrow minded clergy network that will use anything it can to establish more political power?

And if there was more proof needed that this new health care law is screwed up, all we need do is look at, yes, this recent controversy over contraception.  The damn law exists in an inches thick pile on desks and bookcases all over the country.  With all those inches of pages, there are many detailed sentences and phrase covering the minutia of healthcare insurance and what the government's involvement will be, what the insurance carrier's involvement will be, and what will be required of the US citizenry.  You would think it had been well thought out.  But once again, a glaring mistake that should not have even been part of the package is now being pounced upon as a national threat to our religious freedom.

Give me a break.  The whiners are idiots.  The fools who wrote the plan are idiots.  And with each new glitch in the plan, I grow less enthusiastic for it.  If any true benefit to America comes from this healthcare plan, it will be a miracle.

Why did we not just extend Medicare to younger populations and keep the system as it is with a larger pool of people.?  It is entirely voluntary.  You don't have to sign up.  That way all of the religious panties now bunched over stupidity would not even be an issue.  The Holy Rollers could buy religiously correct health plans in the private sector.  I can just see insurance companies lining up to craft specific plans that they will spend less money on coverage and be able to charge more to do it................ Because they know, birth control will still be controlled by the ladies.  The ladies will not be denied.

"No Mr Bishop, our plan absolutely will not pay for your wife's birth control device.  Please do not worry.  She will have to take money from your wallet when you are not looking as she always does.  And the plan only costs 25 percent more than the plan that does cover birth control.  You have to realize that prenatal coverage is more expensive than paying for pills.  Please sign here." 

Yeah, yeah, I know.  extending Medicare would mean other peoples taxes would be used to augment other peoples benefits.  So fuckin what.  My taxes now help to re-pave roads in Indiana, build bridges to nowhere in Alaska, and pay for lunches in Alabama.  Suck it up and move on.



jadedj said...

You problem is, you use your logic and reasoning to come to intelligent conclusions. It seems a massive number of lobotomies have taken place throughout the land, and somehow missed you...and myself, or course.

jadedj said...

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Mr. Charleston said...

This whole thing is a ploy to draw out and isolate the right wing idiots. Worked like a champ.

Kulkuri said...

This isn't about "Freedom of Religion", it's about forcing their brand of religion on others. About as far from freedom of religion as you can get. They want to force their beliefs on others simply because of where they work.

jadedj is right, logic and intelligence will get you nowhere with the religious types. I like the poster with House saying, "If you could reason with religious people, they wouldn't be religious."

yellowdoggranny said...

oh for fucks sake..those people make my ass I need a bunch of pedophiles telling me what to do with my body because their God says it's their business..dumb fucks.

Ol'Buzzard said...

This is all about institutional rights over individual rights.
the Ol'Buzzard