Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ending Up With Extra Parts

I forgot we were in for an extra day this year.  I have one more day to catch up on all that I have fallen behind on.  I have one extra day to hold off paying any bills due in the first week of March.  24 bonus hours to either waste or use wisely...............Riiiiight.

I will admit that at an early age I thought the concept of time was silly.  At least the way we humans seem to be tied to it so closely.  It took many years before I grudgingly caved to the World's insistence on schedules, lead times, down time, and having no time.

As it turns out,"Everything in it's time" are just another series of empty words humanity spews when feeling philosophical.  We do not really mean it, but it makes us feel good to say it.  If it does not happen according to some rigidly set timetable, most of us are not happy.  Our real world is tied to hour hands and in some cases, the second hands of clocks and watches around the globe.  Customers will insist I give them the tracking numbers of that spiffy high end gee whiz piece of bike bling coming from the Left Coast.  They know being able to watch its status as it marches across the heartland will not get it here any quicker.  But knowing that today it is in KC and is scheduled to hit the Chicago area tonight soothes their angst and worry that it might not be here by Friday like I promised.  Cuz lord help us if it does not make it here until Monday.

But back to our calendar and why we have to correct it every fourth year.  What is up with that?  If humans are so smart, why then do we have extra parts of time left over at the end of the year laying around unused once we have constructed that last year.  And to have this problem so consistently that it looks and feels like it happens like clockwork, I wonder about our supposed top of the food chain status.  If I had parts left over as often as we leave minutes on the bench, I would not be much of a bike mechanic. Yet, we seem to think this is okay, these unused minutes we accumulate.  We just bunch them all together every four years and make up an extra day out of them.  And somehow that puts us back in sync with the celestial timetable.

Of course you knew I had to get around to the guy who created this mess.  The Big Kahuna, the chief bottle washer, the guy with the keys to all the doors of the Universe.  If he's so perfect, then I would think having the Universe run on time would be a cakewalk for him.  But no, just like me and my bike shop, he runs his universe a little behind schedule.  And don't hit me with "oh he's infallible" garbage.  Just the fact we have to sweep up after him and straighten out his schedule every 4 years tells me he has some cracks. 



jadedj said...

Welllllll, time is a man invented concept and the Big Kahuna is he/she/it not?

BBC said...

One stupid extra day every four years has never had any effect on me one way or the other.

Maybe because about half of the time I don't know what fucking day it is anyway.

I spent half a day thinking it was Thursday until Helen informed me it is Wednesday.

Ol'Buzzard said...

In some of that dead time that we will never have - go back and look at Future Shock by Alvin Toffler. He made a good argument that man would never adjust to a faster pace - boy was he wrong.
the Ol'Buzzard

Randal Graves said...

Hail Caesar.


she said you got part of it right

The Blog Fodder said...

Speaking of time, there is an Irish proverb "The devil finds work for sober hands".