Saturday, November 07, 2009

Up To Their Old Tricks Again

The Liberal Media has been up to their tired old tricks it seems. Committing the same felonious assault on the "truth" the Wingers have come to expect and it would seem in a perverted turn about, love. Those Liberal bastards are not giving them their due by vastly under reporting the numbers of the faithful hordes who have been making Patriotic Pilgrimages to the belly of the beast we call DC. They know because they read about it on their favorite Winger blog. It was really 50,000 irate citizens who answered the call by Michelle "I am Holier Than Thou and Loony to Boot" Bachmann to come for a day of fun in the Sun protesting the Commie Conspiracy disguised as Healthcare Reform. Not the paltry 10,000 the Left leaning Pinko Press claimed were there.

Now I was puzzled over this obvious discrepancy between the Patriots and the Commies. Someone had to have their thumb on the scale. So I dug a little further. Perused some more traditional Conservative sites for their take. What I found was shocking. Apparently that old school Conservative stalwart, The Heritage Foundation, has been overrun by the stinking Liberal Conspiracy. I am sure it was a hacker. Had to be. The wing tipped blue tie wearing folks over to Heritage would never agree with any fact also presented as fact by the Pinko Libs who control the Press. It just couldn't happen. Say it ain't so Joe.

In an effort to be fair though and not seem to be leaning Right when we all know I lean whichever way Beck tells me to, I offer up the claims made by various "experts".
~The righteous and lovably honorable Representative from Minnesota, Ms Michelle Bachmann scanned the crowd and figured there were at least 20 to 45,000 faithful followers hanging on her every word.

~Rep. Torn from the Great State of Georgia figures she might have missed the few sitting in trees. He claims up to 50,000 stepped up to be counted.

~Franklin Raff, who has the honor of producing G.Gordon Libby's radio show figured there were close to same numbers that showed up in September, about a million he guessed

~Apparently one DC Cop who was there to protect the crowd from harassment by invisible Liberals contends there were maybe 3500 God fearing Patriots. He must have been a Liberal Plant. Not once did he pull his weapon out and brandish it. Would a real Patriot ever miss that opportunity? No, I don't think so.

~And of course those poor folks over to the Heritage Foundation with obviously a gun held to their head fell in line with the mainstream Liberal estimate of around 10,000.

I ask you. Who are you going to believe? A woman who we all know would mother our children if we asked or some dirty Commie who wants to kill our children and leave our parents to die slow painful deaths at the hands of an uncaring government? Come on now. Be honest.

So that I might cheer myself up and forget this fall from grace one of my go to Conservative voices has suffered, I decided to check out some images of this happy get together last Thursday. To all appearances it was your typical mass gathering of families enjoying their right to be stupid. The creativity shown by some of the signs was a refreshing change from the usual Right Wing rhetoric. Notice the wonderful association and use of graphics as they point out the obvious connection of Dachau Concentration Camp prisoners and what we will become if Healthcare Reform is passed. I'm convinced. Especially now that those Left Wing losers have brought Hitler back. I just knew those Commies would team up with him again.

So folks if you value the Truth. If Facts mean anything to you. I plead with you not to be sucked in by specious claims coming from the Liberals who control the News. Rather than believe what you see, be safe, Believe what Beck tells you. After all he is the only sane one among us.

I now leave you with this touching picture of some fellow citizens who trudged through the belly of the Liberal strongholds from my neck of the woods. Almost brings a tear to my eye.

Don't let The Man get you down....................

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Randal Graves said...

Fight whitey! Wait, most communists are white. No, wait, most communists are Chinese. No leaping forward, greatly, especially since you might trip over Beck's chalkboard!

50,000 people just watched my type this, I swear.

BBC said...

Lets face it, we hate politics and the form of governments it creates. We just take turns at hating the right and then the left.

As a majority mankind is not mature enough to rule himself. Someone needs to kick it's ass and set up a proper monarchy to keep the children in line.

A democracy seems like a good idea, to the kid in you, that's why the theory is so popular. But homes aren't ran as democracy's, that would allow the kids in it to become the decision makers if they could run for office and become the president of the home, if you get my drift.

Then the parents would have to kill the kids, ha ha ha.

Anyway, in the meantime BILLY MAKES BRANDY

Kulkuri said...

Everyone knows that facts have a librul bias, that's why those on the right don't worry about facts. How about maybe a million people (Yah, that's the ticket) saw me type this remark.

Demeur said...

Monarchy? We had a monarchy the last 8 years and look how that turned out.
I say we get a stoner the next time around considering Obama won't be able to finish cleaning up the mess McStagger left. " Like dude where's my country?" "It was here like just a minute ago."

Facts? Facts? We don't need no stinking facts.
You sure it wasn't 2 million? Okay then 3 million and that's my final offer.

BBC said...

Monarchy? We had a monarchy the last 8 years and look how that turned out.

If you call that a monarchy I want some of the shit you're smoking.

George said...

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