Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Match Made in Heaven

I watched a blurb on the tube last night about "The Oath Keepers". Supposedly this "non-partisan" group comprised of active duty personnel, vets, cops and other peacekeepers who have made a pledge to the Country in one form or another have banded together as a new barrier between government and what the Constitution really means. They have more or less pledged their loyalty to the Constitution and their view of it, not to the country or the government that runs it. I chuckle at their non-partisan claim in that they have yet to affiliate themselves with any group left of Sarah Palin.

Speaking of Sarah, the babe from the woods of the 49th state who eats moose on the hoof and catches salmon with her bare teeth - an interesting factoid about her ghost writer, Lynn Vincent, caught my attention. Seems Vincent also co-wrote "Donkey Cons: Sex, Crime, and Corruption in the Democratic Party" with Robert Stacy McCain, a man who claims he is not a racist. His mouth and his affiliations might lead one to a different conclusion.

While I may often discount Sarah as a brain dead twit, she is most definitely not dead. What she is and what will most likely be her downfall if we are lucky is she likes the limelight too much. What bothers me are the flies attracted to her peculiar and unique twisted view of what America should be. When people are desperate they will believe anything. Like Joan of Arc, she gallops through the malls of the heartland building a blind army of slack jawed recruits. And it is growing.

Now I hear Sarah told Glenn Beck she would be proud to share the presidential ticket with him for 2012. Wow! A ticket made in heaven. The aged superficial Beauty Queen and the Cherub Cheeked Chalk Board Conspiracy Locater. The clueless and the whacked all on one ticket. We should be so lucky. But if we work hard at being as stupid as some of us already are, we could have this dream team guiding us through the next decade.

Just think. All of the bases will be covered. One will pray for guidance and will hold daily press releases that tell us yes, she can see Virginia from the Front Portico. Standing, or rather hunched over and drooling at her back, her one brick shy of a full load Vice President will be busy ferreting out all those secret commie conspiracies left us by Obamaman.

If this is what the Conservatism of my youth has turned into, I have to say I am so glad I bailed in 1980 when Ronald Reagan and his traitorous band of clowns sleazed their way into power.

It seems we will never be able to save us from ourselves.................

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Beach Bum said...

Strangely enough I heard a conservative no less wonder out loud about "The Oath Keepers". They appear to be afraid of the Obama boogeyman declaring martial law and using the Constitution for toilet paper.

While the blowhards were pledging not to obey orders to impose martial law this conservative guy asked alound if they would obey a martial law order for the public good after another far worse terrorist attack or another pandemic worse than H1N1.

While it could backfire, I'm starting to hope for a Palin/some other nutcase ticket since I just don't see the country electing her for much beyond a Jerry Springer type talk show.

sunshine said...

Oath Keepers? Hmmmm... Sounds like some kind of new religion to me! Are they all christian Dad's with matching t-shirts with "Oath Keeper".. printed on the front. A pair of angel wings on the back would be the perfect finishing touch.
Whoever they are.. they sound kind of scary to me.

Palin and Beck. Saturday night live would have more material than they know what to do with if that ever came to pass.
Sarah is having her moment in the sun right now. Rest assured she's going to say something REALLY off the wall soon and she'll be heading back to Alaska with her tail between her legs.
Her daughters 'baby-daddy' is a bit of a hottie. Posing for Playgirl and such.
Such a classy crew. :P

Glad that my dunk commenting made you feel better. ;P I have my moments. Don't I? ;P

Hope today is a better day for you.


Randal Graves said...

Giant chalkboards on the floor of Congress? I just might start watching C-Span!

Why are you all so down on The Oath Keepers? Didn't you read the part about them not supporting blockades of American cities? Who isn't in favor of that? I guess you all would welcome concentration camps and warrantless searches.

I remember The Promise Keepers. Had a big shindig at the Cavs arena about a decade back. Very cracker-y.

Kulkuri said...

Palin keeps saying stupid stuff and her followers just say, "That's just Sarah being Sarah". Yesterday on MSNBC a talking head asked someone at Palin's book signing about Palin's being for the bank bailout before she was against it. The sheeple said Palin couldn't have been for it, even after being shown video from last year's campaign where she and McCain were pushing for Congress to bail-out the banks. She'd have to come out and say she never believed in God and that it is all a hoax for the sheeple to desert her!!

Demeur said...

I say bring it on. Get rid of those pesky moderates in the republican party they're not pure enough you know. ;-)

susana said...

this afternoon while driving home from work;I heard a lady call in to a radio show to report that anyone who doesn't support sarah is part of a"sheep herd". I guess that would she is in the middle of a "cow flock"?? LOL

S.W. Anderson said...

It's been a while since I heard of a group dedicated to something like "a new barrier between government and what the Constitution really means" that included active-duty military people. That is wildly out of bounds. I hope military investigative authorities are scrutinizing this.

Americans are free to hold their own views and vote accordingly, whether in our out of service. But in service, you're sworn to uphold the Constitution and accept and obey the authority of the chain of command, president on down.

It should be obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than their shoe size that there's no leeway in that oath for being an active member of a group that posits itself as the one true source of truth about what the Constitution says.

More and more, I think one really good use of stimulus money would be building a series of mental institutions across the country. It's becoming more clear by the week America has a huge unmet need for them.

susana said...

oath keepers?....american legion comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Iz nuts, Crummy. But I can't wait for such a ticket ... and bet every Dem politico is hoping for it also, and every Gop one is weak knee with just the thought.

But then I'm a tad bit of an anarchist. But a progressive one ...