Thursday, November 12, 2009

It Makes No Sense - But There It Is

Like an incessant fly that will not leave me alone, Twitter notifications, "Someone on Twitter is following you", fill my mailbox more and more every day. I know I signed up for Twitter a long time ago. I never used it. I only put one person on my list. She and I have never Twittered. Or is it Twitted? Maybe she has. I never bothered to figure any of it out past the sign up part.

I dunno. Maybe I should actually try it before I cast judgement..........Hmm. Nah. What would be the fun of that? I am so good making assumptions and then forming opinions about that which I know nothing, why would I want to change this tried and true fun I have developed over the years? So without a clue about how it works, why so many people are involved in this latest greatest Internet fad, I will give my non expert, don't have a leg to stand on opinion about something I know absolutely nothing about other than it's name.

Well Mike, how very American of you. What a good Patriot with a capital P and that rhymes with ME and that is what is really important anyway. Me and all I stand for. All of a sudden an urge to drink tea, fresh from the bag on a string tea. Nestle's finest.

The only thing more fun than opining on that which I have no clue is switching directions at the drop of a hat.

Thinking of Twitter brought the word "twit" into my mind which led to the word tea somehow replacing it and now I find myself considering Kool Aid and all that it might signify.

That was close. I almost committed deadly sins by associating twits with tits. Anytime the naughty bits come to mind, I find myself surfing the web looking at edible panties and wondering if they come in my size.

But back on the subject/subjects - Tea, Kool-aid and of course twits, not tits. Forget Twitter, I have other fish to fry.


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sunshine said...

Well, at least you didn't say twat!

I'm not for Twitter either. Frankly, I could care less about it. I'm with you.. why learn the facts when it's soooo much easier to just form opinions based on our assumptions.
A lot less work. :)


Kulkuri said...

Now I see why you don't like spell-check. I like what Stephen Colbert had to say when he was asked if he tweeted. He said, "No, but I have twatted."

I don't see the point of Twitter. Nobody needs to know my daily doings (and if I did tweet about it, nobody would read it or care) and I could care less if someone scratched their ass while buying a donut.

While I don't see the point of MySpace or Facebook, I do have both. Never did figure out how to do stuff on MySpace (got two friends, the one who invited me to MySpace and some guy named Tom), but I find it easier to do things with Facebook. They say it is a way to keep in touch with friends, but if the message first goes to your e-mail, why not just e-mail and not bother with all the extra steps.

NorthCountryLiberal said...

Like you I signed-up for some reasonI can't remember.
Like you I keep getting those e-mails that someone is following me.
Like you I have no use for it but don't know how to get rid of it. I guess they'll just keep following me even though I'm not going anywhere.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

What a great post! Thoroughly enjoyed!

Doc said...

Yes, edible panties do come in your size but a limited to the flavor of anise.


Cormac Brown said...

What, you don't want to notify your friends when you have a hangnail?

Not to mention, if you don't Tweet, burglars will have to figure out the hard way, whether you are home or not.

okjimm said...

Fried Twitter Fish? Can I get fries with that? Hold the slaw, though. Wait.... forget the fish...I'll have a burger instead...but gimmee a Kool Aid instead of fries... wait... no Kool is good. Wait. Hold the burger, forget the bun.... just beer.

robin andrea said...

I tend to avoid things that seem inane right off the bat. Twitter was like to me. Of course I also reserve the right to criticize it and form opinions about it. I must say the few "tweet" I've seen reported in the news confirm my worst fears.

Randal Graves said...

Twit, tit, twat. I'm in the same boat as you. I haven't used that thing in ages, but I keep on getting these followers in my inbox, either someone following 1 person, me, or following 50k.

I get facebook crap too, and I have never signed up for that, which is a whole other level of weird. I blame the Patriot Act.

Beach Bum said...

My entire family has taken to Facebook and Twittering like fish to water. Being a blowhard I can't stand being limited to 140 characters and if I might be allowed one conceit most of what my redneck family has to write can well be expressed in about 50 characters at most. Its mostly about Jesus and guns.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I love Jesus and guns!

(Hmm... 21 characters, including the spaces and punctuation. Maybe I should sign up for Twitter after all.)

MRMacrum said...

sunshine - Hey, what can I say? I'm a classy guy.

Kulkiri - I guess Twitter, Facebook and My Space are like cocktail parties where you can wear PJs and not put any make up on.

Gwendolyn - methiinks you got it. Thanks.

Doc - Like when eating chicken Doc, there are parts you throw away.

Cormac - Leave it to the Pulp master detective guy to point out one of the potential criminal enterprises of Twittering. Hmm

okjimm - Fish & Chips? This ain't no Limey blog. I only serve Kool Aid. Red blooded Murican Kool Aid.

robin - Hmm.
I live to be inane.
Otherwise I'd just go insane.
If it wasn't for Twitter,
I'd probably just shoot her
Then who'd I have to blame.

Randal - You are hardly in the same boat as I am. You live in Cleveland. My condolences.

Beach Bum - Verbose sounds so much better than Blowhard don't you think?

El Cerdo Ignatius - But you're Canadian. You'll never be a Redneck. Sorry.

Utah Savage said...

You left twats out of that twit tit brain train.

I never would have thought that I, out of all our blogging friends, would have been the one to become one of the very minor twitterati, but minor or not, twitterati. I can't get enough of it. I could tweet twelve hours straight.

Thank you for your wonderful comments on my two abortion pieces. It's interesting to me that my own guilt is not enough punishment in the minds of others. Who would have guessed that I still need to be punished?

Cormac Brown said...

"Leave it to the Pulp master detective guy to point out one of the potential criminal enterprises of Twittering. Hmm"

I've read about people doing that and since criminals tend do to be lazy, it's only a natural progression.

MRMacrum said...

Utah - Some things are be best left unsaid. Even the logical things.

No, in those who love to judge and damn, you will be a target from now until eternity.

Cormac - It makes sense. I am either too stupid to be a criminal or I am just not wired right. My Hmm was more along the lines of thinking of plot and story stuff.

ruthi said...

Just like any computer enthusiasts all over the world I signed up in every network there is in the blogosphere. And just like you I am at lost too. I can't even log in to half of those network I signed up for because it's either I forgot the username, or the password or both. So, there is really no sense signing up but... there it is... given another new network I might be signing up again just to be in the loop. LOL

Anonymous said...

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