Friday, January 02, 2009

Fogged and Clogged Brain Trains

Okay. Another back against the wall post. Another token post to hold up my end of a bargain just beginning. In between hacks, fogged and clogged brain trains, I will attempt to actually find some sense in all this.

NaBloPoMo's theme for January 2009 is "change". Which seems to fall in line with my first time ever attempt to clearly set some positive goals for myself for the new year. I have pondered just how to set up this resolution oriented month long series of posts. I guess I need to identify the areas that really need to be tidied up and then resolving generally, break it down into specific resolutions that if met will help me in the general overall effort. And excuse me here if I seem to be spacing it but I am.

Yesterday I resolved to follow through with commitments/promises made. Call that a general resolution. Meeting the post a day challenge will be my good faith marker of my intention to do better in this area.

Because my health was a bigger issue than ever before last year and appears to be in my face again as I write this. Today is another general resolution to make 2009 a year of better health for myself. Lifestyle changes and Lifestyle choices all need to be turned on their heads. I can no longer ignore chronic problems like I used to. The flare ups are no longer brief nor are they getting any easier to deal with. Catching a cold is now a big deal for me. Facing this fact of my future instead of denying it is step one I guess. My next step is to recognize I may not be able to be as active as I once was. Pushing myself physically seems to set things off.

So today I resolve to make 2009 a year to improve my health as much as my body will let me. I will attempt to prevent myself from falling into mental funk when I become physically ill. I know now that my frame of mind has way more to do with the health of my body than I thought previously. I need to accept what I have to work with now and be content with lowered expectations.


Snave said...

Right on, Mac. I think you have a very good idea!

I have vowed to "treat myself better" in 2009. That means not necessarily getting buff or starving myself, but exercising a bit more, eating better, and maybe taking off a few pounds. It's more of a long-range plan that might show dividends in several years, rather than me trying to force my aging body into something it can't handle like a hard exercise program or a strict diet.

It also means a little less time at the computer, a little more time watching movies, reading books, writing, and playing my guitar or piano. Times are tough, and there is no need to make things worse for myself personally. I think you are right, that improving one's frame of mind is paramount. So if I blog less about politics and more about bodily functions... so be it! 8-)

Randal Graves said...

I think laying off the politics can only help the mental state, the freed energy now used on more important things, such as getting healthier. Less crap to worry about there means more time to worry about more interesting stuff.

Pass the chips. ;-)