Monday, December 01, 2008

Another Clockwork Orange Morning

I had somewhere to go with this post earlier. But now bureaucratic layers, hippies, radicals, weasels, Betty Bowers and two sentences have become jumbled together and now fill my mind. Each one found on different blogs. Each one representing different takes on what many call the "human condition". Taken individually, each one offers promise of possible insight,humour, or introspective wandering through the tinted glasses I use to view my past.

But now a mob has formed, a rowdy crowd of over eager points to be made. All screaming louder with each minute to be heard over the other. It would be nice if they got along. Stood patiently in some cerebral row for me to take on in order of appearance. My mind unfortunately is not an orderly space. Dust grows thick in it's corners, beds lay unmade, and the pets in here rule while I stand outside and most often drool.

To make matters worse, in my effort to create calm out of chaos, I punched up some Beethoven to hopefully find that happy place where everything makes sense and my mind is able to sort some of the chaff from what little wheat still exists in this rodent infested place.

Beethoven's Ninth is not helping. All I see is poor Alex as he sits strapped into some dental type chair with his eyes clamped open. In front of him is a movie screen with five second images of violence and destruction flashing hate and discontent as his adored Beethoven comes over speakers six feet tall. Damn music and the memories it conjures up. Another "Clockwork Orange" Morning I guess.

Instead of calming down the rowdy crowd assembled inside my brain, Beethoven has only created a bigger fire under them. Without hesitation they all scream louder and prouder, "Write about me you asshole!" Their individual ravings become one wall of insanity and so I sit numb and dumb in front of this screen.

I do enjoy writing just to write. Witness this post as a perfect and prime example. Wasting bandwidth with wild abandon is one of my guilty pleasures. I often think I would just as soon waste your time as much as I waste mine. But as this blog thing, writing and reading, is most often a completely volunteer effort, I guess if you are here, your time is up for being wasted. So enjoy another useless post. Have fun finding no substance, not even fluff here. For today I will dedicate to wasting that which cannot really be wasted, just used poorly.

In that you can often judge people by the clothes they wear, one only need to look at mine and know my blog is more likely decked out by shopping at Goodwill. I wear my life as comfortably as possible. I wear my life by recycling the efforts of those who have been here before. I have no illusions of being a trend setter, a man who does great and wondrous things. I am alive and that is enough I guess. Let others set the pace. Let others break the trail. I will follow in my own good time. But bear with me as I just love looking under the rocks we pass by.



BBC said...

Correction, it's the monkey condition.

Beethoven's Ninth is not helping.

Na, you need some Roger Miller, or C. W. Mcall, or something like that.

Beethoven's overture is the most interesting. Titty rump, titty rump, titty rump rump rump, ha ha ha.

Well, I have to get away from the internet insane asylum and take Helen to town. Later...

BBC said...

Beethoven is for monkeys that think they are cultured and all that shit. They listen to it when they are not fighting wars, killing others and shopping for more fancy shit.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

hmmph, even your random babbling is well written and descriptive of a mood-----most would just say they have writers block and say no more----but you---??---you say it so elegantly. I enjoyed reading it.---and I mean it too!!

Demeur said...

Isn't it nice to know that we blazed the trails of yesteryear and can now sit back and watch others make fools of themselves? Let them make the same foolish mistakes as we now know the safe path that doesn't lead to the cliff.

BBC said...

Opp's, monkey brain fart, that was William Tell's overture I believe.

Whatever, I just don't like the music that flowed through those autistic monkeys heads.

MRMacrum said...

BBC - Beethoven is for monkeys who like his music. Culture's got nothing to do with it. That I like to mix up my Beethoven with some David Bromberg, some Hank Williams and then strain my brain with some jazz ala Coltrane doesn't mean I am cultured. It means I like music. Almost all music.

Old Dude - Yeah it was just one of those posts I started just to see myself write.

Demeur - You may have a handle on the safe path, but I sure don't. I have just learned that rushing down any path often gets you to that cliff in first place.

Randal Graves said...

People dig the music they dig because they're moved by it for whatever reason. Culture certainly has nothing to do with it and bloody hell am I with you on the sentiment behind this post. Take that bandwith! I figure someone will take the time to waste the moments with me. It's a human thing to do, very cultured, no? Pass that top hat.

BBC said...

Ah, Hank Williams, lot of good music from him.

As for paths, travel down all you can, that's what I've always done. Ah, a fork in the path, I'll try this one.

May you live in interesting times.

Bull said...

Ask me why I like the taste of bacon or why I like Beethoven, you get the same answer - I just do.

And don't worry about not sorting out all the voices. As long as none of them are saying "shoot now!" you're fine.

h said...

Whoa, this blog looks pretty deep.
I normally just type the first thoughts that spring-to-mind and yet my blog is widely-loved.

MRMacrum said...

Randal - I find it odd that the music my parents wanted me to enjoy so much as a child left me empty back when I was a kid. I only wish they could know that as I got older, I began to understand where they were coming from.

BBC - Live in interesting times? DO I have a choice?

Bull - I don't worry about the voices. I just wish they would keep down to a dull roar sometimes.

TROLL - Well thanks for stopping by. I don't know deep from shallow. I swim wherever the tide takes me. First thought s are often the best ones to go with I have found. That you have reached so many with yours is great.

BBC said...

There are voices?

Snave said...

This post is definitely not a waste of bandwidth. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! Comfortable is good.