Thursday, December 04, 2008


Great defining voids loom 
Amity turns dark, engulfing 
Friendship developing cracks 
Another tie unbinds, unwinds, disintegrates 

 Destructive years shared languish 
 Silence screams in our presence 
Detached and tuned out 
United in our pretension 
Fronting a cheery facade 

 Words may not mend it 
Intentions will not patch it 
The time of deeds left undone
 Now upon us as we ignore
 Indifferent to what is no longer there 

 Circling in distant kind thoughts 
Fond remembrances fade with the sunset 
Of the days we had together 
We will try to sleep them off 
Troubled souls rest fitfully 
And dreams do not last

PS - A piece I began many years ago. I offer it now as not so much a comment on what is going on in my life as something I did and now want to share. I have reworked it and most likely will again if the spirit moves me.

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