Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Weird Weather

This past Tuesday in honor of keeping with the early Spring Clean up, I decided to remove some of the uglier lawn ornaments from view in the front of my house. The 1940 homebuilt trailer seemed like a good place to start. I dug it out of the ground it had taken root in, filled the one flat with air, and loaded her up with some tires and barrels. Happy as if I had a brain, I hooked my 3/4 ton Chevy to her and hauled it all to the lower 40. It's not really 40 acres. Hell, it ain't even 2 acres. I just call it that.

Anyway, I get in position to back the trailer through the pines and snake it back to the pucker behind the house. I notice the tires of the truck seem to be denting the yard more than usual for the dead of a Maine winter. But what the Hell I thought, I'll just throw it into Lo/Lo 4WD and be gentle as I punch the fuel to it. Just as I backed it off the yard, yeah, it dropped to the transaxle. Not mud on top, but 6 inches down, it was a bog. 2 hours later, blisters on my hands and much cussin to go with them, I dug the truck out and skedaddled. Left some serious trail damage in my wake.

That was Tuesday. Tonight, the damn ground is brick hard. 2 days of below freezing wheather has stiffened everything right up. I'm guessing that mess I created out back will be there in all it's glory until April now.

Yeah, weird weather alright. Damn Al Gore for inventing Global Warming.

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