Friday, January 05, 2007


There is a danger in reviewing previous blog entries before I begin a new one. Oftentimes, the pearl I want to expand and expound upon gets lost when I digest my previous drivel. I had something in mind to write about this morning. Really. But it's gone now. Retreated to some dark dusty corner of my brain. Either that or it became bored and left.

Just what is it that creates the human need to hang as many letters before and after their names. Other than ego inflation, all I can tell is they are like the feathers and coloration of birds. People of letters stick together.

No better example than the announcement by the radio host of everyone who was anyone at Gerry Ford's Funeral. By the time he had finished with all the honoraries in someone's name, I often lost track of who the Hell he was referring to.

"And taking their seat right now is The Right Honorable Doctor of Letters Edward Elitem, BA, DA, FA, LLF, HGT, LB, BMW, Blah, Blah, Blah"

In the meantime 10 other people of more importance snuck in, sat down, and then started nodding off before the guy was finished with ole Edward.

On our night ride last night I asked if anyone had heard about the construction worker who saved a dude by protecting him from a subway train with his body as it roared over them. No one had. And oddly, other than the initial report I caught the other day, no mention anywhere on TV.

What is up with that? This is one of the most amazing feats of heroism I have ever heard of. This guy deserves more than his paltry 15 minutes.

Obligatory Pet Comment
Fernando El Gato is a large nuetered tom we have lived with since he was a wee one. He was one of the many kittens my wife would bring home to foster for a local shelter. Right out of the gate, Fernando stood out. His fur coat reminded us of a Gateway computer box or a cow if you will. Names like "Gateway" and "Moo" were considered.

When I went through the names of our other 8 little wastes of feline fur, I noticed no acknowledgement of our hispanic neighbors to the south. This would not do. So I set out to find the name that would fit Fernando.

At the time, the Tour de France was going full bore. Plenty of Spanish riders to inspire me. But none had names that worked for me nor for Fernando. There were Juan's, Pedroe's, and Jose's. I would try one out on him and he would just look bored as cats only can. Then I remembered one of my favorite pro cyclists from across the pond. Pedro Delgado. Knowing Fernando was underwhelmed with Pedro, I tried a host of names with El Gato tagged on behind. When I called out, "Fernando, Fernando El Gato", he came running. I always thought that was kinda cool.

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