Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dead & Buried

I am sure most of us know Gerry Ford is dead and now buried. At 93 and while still drawing breath, he was the oldest living President. Now I guess he is one of the youngest dead ones. Doesn't seem fair. Something happens beyond his or anyone else's control, and he gets knocked down to the bottom of a new pack.

I listened to all the pomp and circumstance on NPR as Gerry was eulogized in DC. The high point for me was all the choral groups there singing "America the Beautiful". The hairs on the back of my neck stood up at attention. Far and away the best song about America ever. Should be our anthem. Not that war mongering, impossible to sing piece of garbage we have now.

Anyway, the radio guy did a very good job bringing the funeral services into my garage as I did garage stuff that AM. Not being distracted by anything visual, I had to create my own visualization based on the sounds only. The sounds of the Honor Guard as they removed the casket and then slow marched the body into the National Cathedral made me think immediately of my own father's burial at Arlington many years ago. And while he did not have mortars fired in his honor, their sound brought back the 21 gun salute at Arlington like I was there in person. And Dammit, I shed a tear for my dad and then for Gerry.

RIP Gerry. You too Dad.

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