Friday, January 12, 2007

Some Plans Work Out

In an effort to beat the winter slug I usually become by this time every year, I vowed in October to do anything to avoid it. I created an arbitrary winter max weight limit. I assumed that in order to keep at or below it, I would have to stay busy. I did create a couple of rules. Everyday I had to do one thing that would eat at the long list of home projects that have been festering for several years now. And I had to ride my bike at least one day a week.

I'll be damned. It seems to be working. I have averaged slightly over 2 rides a week now for 8 weeks and the lack of snow has allowed me to gussy up the property like it hasn't been for 15 years. And I am solidly below my max weight limit. I have not felt this good in January in 10 years.

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