Saturday, January 13, 2007


I actually listened to the Prez's recent speech about his future plans for Iraq. As a rule I don't do that. He has a voice that gets on my nerves. Or is it his policies that do? Anyway, I usually find something else to do when his mug comes on the screen. But this time I listened.

For 20 minutes or so he rambled on. A lot of words came out his mouth. But essentially he only said this. In order to win in Iraq where mistakes have been made is to throw more troops at it.

On some level this makes sense I guess. I am just having trouble finding that floor. Seems we could throw our entire population into this fray and the Iraqis would still be at each other, us, and anyone else in the way.

We opened up a Pandora's Box when we took down Saddam. Now we cannot get it shut again. A paltry 21,000 US troops will not change that. I think this fire we set will have to burn itself out.

I did take note of his somewhat backdoor acknowledgement and responsibility of the "mistakes made". But nowhere were specific mistakes even mentioned. Rather than admit the invasion was a cluster fuck from it's inception, he focused on the importance of establishing a stable government in Iraq. Well, we may not have liked Saddam, but he did have a more stable hand on the tiller there than we seem to have now.

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