Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Cat's Meow

Fernando sat in the Sun licking himself. He was thorough. He only missed the fur he could not reach. Then he licked his paws and caught that which his tongue missed. Lick the paw. Lick the paw. Rub the head. Rub the head. Repeat as needed. I watched him perform this cat duty. I thought how nice, he is truly self reliant. But I bet all that fur in his mouth has to be a bitch.

Fernando paused his toilet and turned in my direction. He gazed up at me and mewed. And this I am sure is what he said, "Bud, you just don't know. Licking fur is the cat's meow."

Yeah, Nando looked content and pleased with himself. About the usual as cats go I guess. I reflected on Fernando's simple existence. I pondered over his direct approach to Life. For a moment I was jealous of him. Envious of his innocence, no rules and his spiffy hair doo. What must it be like to be covered head to toe in fur? What was it like to always be wearing clothes, not have to take a shower, or take your shoes off in the house?

Of course I cannot be Fernando. But it would sure be nice if I could, become a cat for awhile. To briefly have no responsibilities, obligations or chores to do. Just sit on the porch and lick my fur in the Sun.

Now in meatloaf position, Fernando has continued his face the Sun demeanor. He sucks up it's rays and stores them in the beautiful blanket he wears all the time. I realize the pleasant companion he really is. He is a dependable chum. His friendship is appreciated as mine is for him. As we sit there on the porch licking our fur in the Sun.