Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Big Dig

Yesterday was a date worth taking note of. I began the long overdue once a decade, whether it needs it or not office cleaning. One of my personal spaces had become too cluttered to use safely or sanely. It was now a trashcan with a door and 2 windows.

I had been pumping myself up for weeks. Everyday I made the office a must do at the top of the daily list. And everyday, I moved it to the top of tomorrow's list. Then last weekend, I moved Bobbi into her new office in one of the bedrooms. As she settled in and got things just so, I was instantly jealous. Her stereo on the second shelf promised tunes at her beck and call. The little office supplies knick knack rack right there ready for instant access. Reference books located conveniently within arm's reach. But it was her desktop that caught my eye. A grand space clear of clutter and ready to press into service. The walls were freshly painted and she naturally whipped up some cutains to match. "Damn her hide! I want what she has."

So I slunk back to my office. In the 2 square feet clear enough to turn full circle, I rotated and considered this space I had neglected for so long. I realized I did have what my darling signifigant other had. All I had to do was dig down through the sediment and find it again. Under the many old magazines, junk mail, dust and debris was a decently efficient work space. I was sure of it.

Yesterday "The "Big Dig" began in earnest. Not wanting to bite off more than I could chew, I just picked around the edges at first. Filling boxes and garbage bags and four hours later I found the bookcases. Damn! That's where that Asimov book went. And look, that old bong I thought I threw out with that nasty habit.

I weeded the useless and unecessary from the shelves, floor, and table tops. I made room for future clutter. I re-arranged, collated, and dusted. I rewired the stereo and found some more room when I stashed several components from back in the day. CD changers have effectively made tapes and LP's obselete. I left the turntable out of some nostalgic loyalty. I haven't spun a record in over 15 years. But my wife does on occaision. I can just hear her piss and moan if she comes in and it is not there.

Tonight I sit at the desk and behind me is open floor. No junk, trash or piled up unfinished paperwork to be seen. Tomorrow I tackle the desktop. And if I find the courage, I might even clean the windows.