Sunday, September 24, 2023

Self Imposed Slavery

I think most of Humanity have felt like slaves at various points in their lives. As Bob Dylan insisted during his Born Again years, we all gotta serve somebody.

Wage slave, sex slave, substance abuse slave, slave to self image, slave to personal demons, slave to greed, a slave to a religion or political ideal.; the list is endless. 

The slavery we find in our lives is not the traditional slavery of chains, whips, and toiling in fields day in and day out. The type of slavery I am talking about sneaks in under our radar and before we can react, it is part of our lives, ruling our lives, diverting us from the path we started out on. 

In the course of living, we often find ourselves slaves to ideas, actions, or groups. If we fall deep enough into the quagmire of letting others control a major portion of our brains, before we know it, we have become embroiled in activities and actions we would never have entertained before. Our slavish commitment to something can blind us to the morality or ethics of those actions or ideas. We end up not caring what our actions mean for others who are not on our page. We fall into this trap and we can turn ourselves into assholes who no longer care about how we do it, it is the end result that matters.

If you have made it this far, then I'll get to my point now. 

The worst of the pit falls is the slavery we sign up for with our eyes wide open. We sell our souls for shiny baubles and comfortable shoes. Clarence Thomas, associate Justice of the Supreme Court is the perfect poster boy. 

At one time in his life before he became jaded and hardened to the World he grew up in,he may have been someone who actually believed in the rule of law for the Better Good of all. Based on how he has acted since he entered the practice of Law, I think that moment of commitment to the Better Good was but a brief flirtation. He wanted what rich White Men had and has spent his adult life in pursuit of the trappings of the Rich.White Men by doing their bidding. To attain that, he sold himself into servitude of selfish and greedy Plutocrats and amoral business interests.

I might feel sorry for Clarence except for the fact that he jumped at the chance to lick the boots of the White ruling class. He wasn't brainwashed by doctrine. He became a slave to greed, just as his masters were. He never cared about the people he was supposed to serve, he was and still is only interested in the whims of the top 1% of the population. They keep giving him rich folks leftovers and tokens but not the full membership in their club he so much desires above all else.

Clarence Thomas is a shill, a lackey, and yeah, he is a kind of slave. But he is a willing slave and has been his whole adult life. He is a dangerous man with too much power. I couldn't bear him more ill will than I do now. He slithers around at the bottom of the GOP swamp like a toad buried in muck looking for a fat fly to snag. The Right Wing bosses tolerate him as long as he does their bidding.

Go fuck yourself Clarence. You are a dishonorable man and a shameful excuse for a Supreme Court Justice. If ever there was a reason for packing the court, it is your disgraceful presence on that bench.. 

Later Gators ..........................................


In Bob Dylan's Born Again days, his music took a more spiritual turn. "Gotta Serve Somebody" from the album, "Slow Train Coming" is an example. He restricts his choices of who we have to serve to Satan or God. I contend there any number of things in Life that can enslave us.


The Blog Fodder said...

And he denies all wrongdoing.

MRMacrum said...

The Blog Fodder - He can deny his own wrong doing. He can even deny that he is a slave to the deep pockets who run this country. Denying it does not make it so. Clarence Thomas is but another garden variety Right Wing shit stain on the fabric of my country.